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We tend to treat our dogs as members of the family. This means we need to provide them with attention, affection and a balanced and proper diet. And with such a vast array of products to choose from, it can be quite confusing. Different products come with different ingredients, effects and specifications and while all are healthy and nourishing for your pet, it is clear that some are better than others.

​So, how do you know which to choose and are there some products superior to others for your pet in particular? Comparing products is no easy task, but it has to be done if we are to come up with the best result. And one of the latest, most marketed brands comes from Zignature Dog Food.

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​Zignature Dog Food Claims To Be Innovative

​Innovation is not necessarily good. If changes are not necessary, then improvement is redundant. Therefore, why did Zignature Dog Food consider this sector as one that needed improvement? The answer lies in what the other brands of pet food offer.

The main problem is that regular dog food contains too many high-glycemic carbohydrates (corn, potatoes, wheat), which are regularly harder to digest and take more time for the organism to process the nutrients.

​The good thing about Zignature is that it comes with a complete holistic diet that mimics the dog’s natural eating habits, while in the wild. They had to adapt to our omnivorous diets over time, but their digestive systems haven’t, at least not entirely. They still need high-quality protein intake over anything else and this is where innovation comes in.

​The innovation consists of mixing low-allergy risks ingredients (which means no more chicken meat, since chicken is one of the most known allergen foods for dogs) with all the vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and antioxidants that dogs are having hard times extracting from their natural diets.

​So far, so good, but what does the formula actually contains?

Zignature Dog Food review

​Zignature Ingredients

​Right from the get-go we see that Zignature has a different approach to creating a nourishing formula, compared to other companies. In short, Zignature uses only several ingredients instead of the handful other products come with.

According to experts, this is closer to a canine’s natural diet, allowing their organisms to process it more efficiently and making them less prone to develop food-related allergies.

​All in all, the Zignature formula consists of:

​1. Peas

​A great source of low-glycemic carbohydrates that replaces the classic high-glycemic ingredients other products use, peas only contains 2% fat. The restconsists of 22% protein, 76% carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin K, Thiamin, Manganese and plenty of dietary fiber that is known to aid in digestion.

Some nutritionists debate the use of this particular ingredient, however, since it is a well-known fact that dogs’ digestive systems don’t cope with vegetables too well.

​2. Pea Flour

It is an ingredients made of green peas, whose role is to replace chicken meat protein sources by a healthier, easier to digest alternative. Few food products created for dogs contain pea flour, which goes to show the different approach taken by Zignature.

​3. Chickpeas

​Another protein-rich ingredient, whose goal is to decrease the need for chicken meat. This means that dogs with allergies will have an easier time digesting this formula, as it contains no gluten and it delivers a low glycemic impact.

​4. Whitefish & Whitefish meal

​There are several types of fish that belong to this category, including cod and haddock, among others. This is a high-value ingredient, because the protein content goes up to 61%, as well as delivering plenty of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids your dog sorely needs.

On top of that, the types of fish being used in the formula are completely ethoxyquin-free, eliminating the risk for allergies and intolerances altogether.

Zignature Dog Food review

​5. Kangaroo meat

​This is where the innovation lies. The kangaroo meat is known to be an incredibly nourishing protein source with an extremely low saturated fat content. Close to 0, to be more precise. It is rich in Iron, several B vitamins, including B12, which is usually hard to come by in aliments, and Omega-3 fatty acids that are equally important for people and dogs alike.

Kangaroo meat is an excellent alternative to chicken meat, especially because it has a higher protein content, without the allergy risks coming with the chicken.Aside from that, it is more environmentally friendly.

​6. Rich antioxidant content

​Usually, the best sources of antioxidants come from fruits and vegetables. But since dogs are not used to eating too many greenies, Zignature nutritionists had to enrich their formula with plenty of antioxidants, to overcome their dietary habits.

​Looking at the ingredient list, it becomes obvious that Zignature is highly nutritive and that is solves many problems with dog food that are usually pretty common in other products.

​What is the verdict?

​Zignature is definitely a breath of fresh air in the dog food industry. Not only does it come with an innovative formula, but it is overall more nutritive and healthier. But just to be completely exhaustive with this review, here is what you need to know about both its bright and its dark side:


  • Overall more nutritive, as it completely eliminates high-glycemic carb content
  • Mimics the natural eating habits of the dog
  • The animal protein sources add flavor and high nutritional value
  • Contains plenty of minerals, allowing for a better absorption
  • No reported problems with the end-product
  • The kangaroo meat eliminates the risk of allergies
  • Zignature dog food is fit for dogs of all ages


  • Zignature is among the most expensive products in the dog food industry
  • Because the protein content mostly comes from peas, pea flour and chickpeas, the meat content will be automatically low
  • Zignature contains no probiotics, which would significantly improve their digestive process, especially since some users have declared that their dogs have experienced bloating problems


Keeping these in mind, it is obvious that Zignature rates high among the healthier and most nutritive dog foods you can find. Although it has some minor drawbacks that you may take into account, including the higher price and the high non-meat protein content, it definitely is worthy of considering.We want what’s best for our pets and resorting to a nutritive dog food brand like Zignature that also promotes and delivers allergen-free, raw-diet products is one crucial step to be made.

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