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Chorkie – Yorkie Chihuahua Mix: Everything You Need To Know

Are you a sucker for small dogs? Chorkie – a combination of Yorkshire and Chihuahua, is a beautiful sassy dog breed. They may not be on the big dog list but don’t let their small size fool you. Just meet this feisty Yorkie Chihuahua mix, and you’ll know how self-confident these dogs are.

Chorkies are one of the most common dog breeds loved among celebrities. You’ll often them carrying a Chorkie in their outings. So, if you want to get ahold of these sassy little dogs, then you definitely got an eye for the prize.

However, before you adopt one, you should definitely know about their characteristics a little bit more. To help you out I’ve given everything you need to know about them in this guide.
So, let’s begin!

The Chorkie: Yorkie Chihuahua Mix

Obviously, you know by now Chorkie isn’t a pure breed dog. It’s a mix of Chihuahua and Yorkie Terrier breed. Both of these dog breeds are exceptionally small in size, and it’s kind of obvious that their puppy would be the same.

Both of the parent breeds are really cute, and you can hope that your Chorkie would be the same too. However, before going for one you should consider their health problems and behavioral shifts from time to time.
So, you need to get to know them better before you take them home being overwhelmed with cuteness.

Chorkie’s Temperament

Temperament is a big issue when it comes to welcoming a new dog in your family. Every dog has their very own charisma, and you have to figure out whether it suits you or not. Chorkie happens to be a really active kind of breed.

Its supper bubbly and bright personality will surely melt your heart. However, Chorkies are also really loyal to their owners and sometimes quite vocal as well. They can be quite tenacious when it comes to their attachment toward the family.

Also, they can be very protective and would be suspicious of any new stranger at your home. So, you might want to keep an eye on that. You can easily raise one of them with a young child in your family, but they sometime they could be a bit snappy to your young kids.

They mostly adorable, but you would have to get ahold of their actions. If you can’t train them to behave nicely then its better you look for another type of dogs.

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How to Train and Feed Your Chorkie?

The stubbornness of its Chihuahua parent is quite prominent in Chorkies. You would have a bit of a hard time training them, but if you introduce positive techniques, then you would see results pretty quick. Always remember that this dog might be small, but it comes with a really big ego factor. To tame it well, you’d have to stop fueling its ego.

If you slack off in training, it will think it’s the boss, and if you are too strict, it could become a passive-aggressive kind of dog. So, remember to have a balance. It’s best if you can train them from a young age.

You might think that they are very small in size and they might need smaller nutritional needs. But that is totally wrong. They have a really fast metabolism, so they are more frequently hungrier than typical big breeds.

Most importantly, they are really active and to maintain that you would need to feed calorie-rich food. Make sure to feed at least three times every day. Feeding it frequently but with calorie-rich food will keep it up to shape.

How Many exercises Will The Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Need?

Although the size may seem really small, still the dog is full of energy. You’d need to focus their energy on productive things. If you leave it alone for a long time, it might become a bit destructive. That’s why the best way to calm them down is to go for a walk.

At least take them for a walk for 15 minutes or so. But don’t push your pooch too much, you might trigger their metabolism levels greatly. They are mostly indoor kind of dogs, so playing with them can be another good form of exercise.

Color Coat of Chorkie

Yorkie Chihuahua Mix dogs might show a color coat of beige to gray, brown to black and white to tan. Some of them might have just one color or small spots of different colors. You could also see multiple colored pups.

The variation depends on the parent dogs. If the parent dogs have too much variant of colors, the puppy will get that too.

This breed doesn’t shed much, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning your furniture or carpets every day. But even though you would need to groom them daily to prevent any tangles. You should give them a bath every week and also use an organic dog shampoo that’s 100% natural.

Don’t forget about their nails and teeth. Make sure to groom trim them and brush them accordingly.

Is There Any Health Issues?

Chorkies usually have an average lifespan of ten to fifteen years. Compared to the parents the lifespan is relatively on the shorter side. However, everything depends on the genetics of the parent dogs.

Other than that they do develop some health issues along the way. One of the prominent problems is the

Hypoglycemia. They have really high metabolic rate and uses up almost all their power really quickly. If you don’t feed him quite often, his glucose levels might drop.

They also seem to have allergy and skin issues. You should really be careful while feeding them and avoid all allergy ingredients.

Is Chorkie The Right One For You?

It always comes to whether or not you should adopt this adorable pup. Maybe the personality can really match with yours, and you can grow a strong bond with it.

However, if you are a working person and not at home for a long time, you might need to rethink your strategy. You would need to get him a companion or make sure he has someone to play with.

Also, if you are just starting your family and have a young kid, then you would need to make sure that you maintain the balance well.

Obviously, everything about the Chorkie will pay off, and all the training is definitely worth it. Chorkie is a wonderful and fun companion to have around. So, the choice is yours, and hopefully, this guide will help you make the final call.

Long-Haired vs. Short-Haired German Shepherds: All You Need to Know

German Shepherds are a wonderful breed, one of the most popular among families and police work. These dogs are brilliant, great looking, have good manners and are good with humans in general.

But there seems to be always a matter of confusion when it comes to new owners. Most of you may or may not know that there are some variations when it comes to German Shepherds. No, they aren’t only a single type, but there is long-haired version too.

Unfortunately, long-haired ones aren’t as much popular as short-haired ones. But why? Is there any difference between these two lovely GSD types? Today I’ll be concluding the battle of long-haired vs. short-haired GSDs. Let’s see if there are any profound differences between these two.

 Obvious Difference: The Coat

Judging by the name you already guessed what the first difference would be. One of them has a shorter coat and another a bit longer coat. In spite of the length differences, they have similar coat colors. Another fact is that the long-haired version isn’t recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club).

So, for that, this dog isn’t allowed to participate in any kind of dog show. The AKC acknowledged the coat of the long-haired species to be faulty. Due to this reason, this variation isn’t bred as much as the counterpart.

Regardless of everything else, long-haired ones are still considered purebred.

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Major Differences between Short-hair and Long-hair German Shepherds

Well, you already know by now that one of them has a shorter coat and other has a longer coat. But that’s not the only difference between these two. The exciting part is that the coat length does affect other elements of these two dogs.

Let’s see what they are!

Weather Adaptation

If you are thinking about long-haired German Shepard being more suited for cold weather, then you would be dead wrong. Even though they have long hair, which should protect them from cold weather, still it doesn’t.

It’s because short hair GSD has an undercoat that’s quite wooly and waterproof. This undercoat provides them with extra protection and works as an insulator in cold weathers. On the other hand, long hair GSD has only a single layer of the long coat without the undercoat. That’s why they can’t sustain cold weathers as much as short-haired ones.

So, if you live in cold weather, then you should rethink if that would be good for your long-haired friend.

Worker Dogs

As I said, earlier long-haired shepherds don’t have the physical robustness to handle any weather scenario. As a result, these aren’t bred to work like short-haired ones. You already know how short-hair shepherds are really popular in the police force.

They work as a service dog, guide, police dog, military dog, etc. To do this kind of work, you would need the ability to be tough and sustain anything. Unfortunately, with long-haired, you won’t get that. These are more of a softer type and go well with any owner who wants to cuddle with their dog.

On the other hand, short-haired ones seem a bit more sophisticated than the long ones.


The difference of coats also influences the behavior of the dogs. As short-haired ones are bred to have a working output, these are more focused and show a significant amount of disciplinary. These are also quite reserved when it comes to a stranger or some strange activities.

On the other hand, long-hair Shepherds have a slightly better personality than typical ones. As they don’t have those working dog characteristics, they seem to have a more eagerness toward pleasing and making their owners happy.

So, they would be a bit more loving to have instead of short ones. However, this type of temperament doesn’t have any scientific backup. But years and years of owners experience makes this call more prominent.

If you want a new loving pet, but unsure of typical German shepherd behavior then you could go for long haired ones.

What About Shedding and Grooming?

You might think that both of them have different lengths of hair so that they might have a different level of shedding. Well, that’s not the case here. Even though the long-haired one only has one layer to think about, on the other hand, short-ones have double the coat.

But the shedding does have a little difference, not a major issue. The double coating will shed a bit more than the single coat throughout the seasons. Typically this happens in the summer times when the deep coating isn’t needed for insulation. They shed their deep thick layer for a lighter layer, and during winter the lighter layer is replaced with a thicker layer.

But on the other hand, long-haired ones will shed a lot too. Don’t think that a single hair will stop them from shedding. However, you might see less hair left around the house. When they shed hairs, they all get trapped with other long hairs, making it look like they don’t shed at all.

But once you brush their coat, you’ll realize they aren’t that much behind then the typical ones.

It doesn’t matter what type of GSD you have; you would have to groom them pretty regularly. Even if you see hair all over the place, tangled hairs on the coat could become matted, which can lead to loads of problems.

Especially for long-haired one, you need to maintain the brushing to ensure you got all the fallen hair out. Also, regular brushing could solve the problem of a massive pile of hair around the house.

Short-hair or Long-hair: Both Are Lovely Dogs to Have

Now that you know the main difference between these two types of GSDs, you can easily make the call. But I have to say, even though they have their differences, both of them are German Shepherds. This means they will share a lot of common grounds with each other.

As you already know how popular the typical German Shepard is, you can easily count on the long-hair one too. Whatever the hair length may be both of them are an intelligent and loyal companion. It would depend on your choice in the last.

Overcoming the Fear of Pit Bulls: What you need to know

Pit Bulls are definitely one of the most misunderstood dog breeds of all time. Many people still believe that these beautiful dogs are deadly and aren’t capable of love. It’s a social misconception, that’s been going on for generations.

It could be you or your family members. In any case, have you ever wondered why people actually think negatively when it comes to them? Well, to help you out I’ve put together this article just to let you know why and how overcoming the fear of pit bulls is necessary.

I’ll point out key methods to help you overcome your fear of pit bulls and love them same as you would do with other breeds.

So, let’s get started.

Why Are People Afraid of Pit Bulls?

Most of the time when people are saying that they don’t like this breed, they actually mean they are afraid of them. People think that Pit Bulls aren’t capable of control and they can become aggressive any minute.

Well, apparently that’s not the real scenario. But it’s mostly because of this breed’s history. They were bred as a fighting dog previously, however with time the need for aggressive behavior changed. But people’s minds are still stuck in history.

Another crucial fact can be the bad press. Whenever a person gets injured by a dog, the media just assumes that it’s a pit bull. They focus the story around this breed when in reality the dog breed wasn’t even close to a pit bull.

This puts a negative social impact and starts to fuel the fear of pit bulls. So, you could think the bad press did the job.

Some Things You Shouldn’t Forget

Although Pit Bulls have many stereotypical attitudes, still you should know that they are mighty and active dogs. That’s why you might also feel a bit overwhelmed and out of control.

Therefore, the fear is somewhat reasonable if you come face to face with a wildly lose Pit Bull. Then again, isn’t that normal for any kind of breed that’s wildly loose? You shouldn’t forget that every dog breed can be violent or a bit aggressive if not maintained properly.

A lead is always required for Pit Bulls, and in some countries, they would even have to wear a muzzle in restricted areas.

In any case, it’s best to get ahold of fears and love them for who they actually are. So, if you want to adopt a Pit Bull but can’t get over your fears then check out these methods below. These will definitely help you change your view.

How to Overcome the Fear of Pit Bulls: Methods to Try out

Understand The Fear:

First, you have to understand your fear fully. What logic is driving you or fueling your fear of them? The logic will surely have a bug somewhere, find it. Rationalization won’t work in this case. So, you would need to recognize your fear and accept it as it is.

If you tend to run away or hide to cope with your fear, you won’t be able to get over it ever.

Watch Out For Negative Comments:

Maybe you have around too many negative comments. People tend to assume the worse from before, and this could trigger your fear. Usually, Pit Bull owners face these comments daily, like “Does it bite?” or “Don’t pet it, it’ll bite.” Comments like this can be a source of your fear.

So, be sure to avoid them, unless the owner of the dog says so.

Small Steps Are Always Best:

Don’t rush this process, take baby steps. Don’t just force yourself or other family members to face them right away. It will put a negative impact instead of positive. What you can do is gradually introduce yourself to this breed.

Start by seeing their pictures or see them from a distance. This process will help you be familiarized with them.

Meet An Adult Pit Bull:

Don’t go for a puppy when you meet Pit Bulls for the First time. Puppies are definitely not scary, so you won’t actually be facing what you are really afraid of. Start with a mellow, adult Pit Bull. You could try meeting with a therapy Pit Bull. It will definitely change your perception of them.

Learn Doggy Language:

You need to communicate with the dog in order to get rid of your fear. So, take a step forward and learn to talk like canines. They obviously don’t have a verbal language, but they can read your expression and postures. Learn to smile like a doggy and interact like that. Be cautious, talk to them gently, in a loving voice. You’ll definitely see some positive reaction from them.

This process can be a great way to start a wonderful friendship. Pit Bulls love to please their owners, and they definitely love petting and caring.

Dressed Up Pit Bulls:

It might seem a bit silly, but it actually works. Many pet owners dress up their dogs to make them look cuter. Sometimes you might find it hard to find a Pit Bull cute. So, this could be a great way to ease up that feeling.

Search photos of dressed up Pit Bulls online and look at them. After some time you would find them cute enough to forget about all your fears.

Pet A Pit Bull:

Now it’s time for you to interact physically with a Pit Bull. While you are visiting a dog, start communicating with it and once he/she seems eager, pet him/her. Petting can be a good way to get rid of the fear for good.

You’d also learn how you can take care of them or love them when you get one for yourself. Once you see that they are more than eager to get your love, your view toward them will change.

Welcome, The Licks and Sniffs:

Now that you are petting him prepare yourself for licks and sniffs. Any dog will interact with you through the licks and sniffs. It’s a method of showing their love. Now, if you are not prepared for it, you might feel scared again and act negatively.

Don’t do that. Welcome, all the love it wants to give you.

Get Yourself a Pit Bull:

You should be over your fear by now. It’s time for you to get one for yourself. XL American Bullies are a great way to start your journey. Interact with them before you buy one. It’s the first step toward a great bond.

Ending Note

I’m not going to lie, but Pit Bulls can be overwhelming sometimes. Make sure to know what makes your dog tick. Love your Pit Bull, adore him and help others to get over their fears as well. Pit Bulls deserve our love and care just like any other breed. So, why not start with yourself?


Why You Need to Know Everything About the Labrador Golden Retriever Mix?

The Labrador Golden Retriever mix, best known as the Goldador, is one of the cutest cross breeds ever. Specific controversies are lurking around the topic. Some feel that it’s best to keep specific breed “pure.” On the other hand, some people think cross-breeding actually creates a healthier breed that can cope with probable health issues.

Well, the truth is, both sides are somewhat correct. There are specific facts to back them up. However, in this case, I will share thoughts on whether you should go for them or not.

But for now, let’s learn a few things more about this wonderful breed. Let’s see how adorable these little fluff balls can be.

Goldador: The Labrador Golden Retriever Mix

As I said earlier Goldador is a mixed breed dog, coming from two loving parents; one is the Golden Retriever, and the other is Labrador Retriever. Both are pure breeds in this case.

Goldador is one of the perfect family dogs you can find as of now. Maybe you love a working dog, not to worry, Goldador has you covered.

The breed shows similar traits like its parents. Both Labs and Goldens show Excellency regarding therapy, hunting, and service work.

You’ll find many Goldador being a guide dog for blind animals. But first, let’s take a look at their history. Like how did they came to be?

The Origin of Goldador

Before we move on the origin, you’ll have to know the backstory behind the parents.

History of Golden Retriever

This breed comes from Scotland and England. There these retrievers were needed as a companion while bird hunting. These dogs can be an excellent companion and can work exceptionally well in both land and water.

They go way back in the 1800s. However, it was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1925. Even though they are excellent in hunting sessions, they also have quite the reputation for acting as a service dog. They also show impressive skills in field trips and obedience classes.

These are also popular as a movie star and often used as the family pet. Well, why not? Goldens are excellent with kids.

History of Labrador Retriever

This breed was first discovered in Canada. In Newfoundland, they used to breed small water-fowl hunting dogs with Newfoundlands. The development of these mating sessions finally gave birth to Labradors.

This dog was announced as a sporting breed by the AKC in 1917. They share similar traits like Goldens. Labs are excellent hunting dogs, and they also work as a rescue dog and service dog. These dogs are actually really popular as a family pet in the United States.

 Goldador – The Origin

Sadly, I couldn’t find a viable source for the exact time zone of the origin. However, it’s prominent that these dogs have been around for a long time now.  The gamekeepers having these dogs must have accidentally mated them or intentionally mated them to create the breed.

But I can say this for sure that these two were mated in a breeding program a few years ago, to create this service dog.

These are popular not only among pet owners but also in the service dog program. You would be pleased to know that these dogs are one of the best ones (among guide dogs) so far.

What about the Temperament?

Well, it’s quite tough actually to predict the temperament of this hybrid dog. It’s because mixed breeds dogs don’t always have the same traits as their parents. So, I can conclude that not every Goldador puppy will show the same nature.

Thus, I am going to make an educated guess about the temperament. You could be dealing with more or less the same thing.

Why? Because one puppy can be lost to Goldens and another close to Labs. They can also be in between have best of both worlds. But as both the parent have similarities in their behaviors I can assume some points to help you out here.

The Goldador will show a keen interest in retrieving and will be playful and a humble companion. Remember both their parents are super active, so they will grow up to be one as well.

If you are a couch potato kind of person, then Goldadors are not for you.

The Personality of This Breed

These dogs are highly social. So, if you don’t have time to play with them or keep them company, then they might become destructive. It’s not their fault. They do it out of depression or anxiety. So, be sure to keep it company for a needed amount of time.

Just with simple love interactions, you will be able to keep them happy and playful. They will follow new scents, play fetch with you, chew on their toys and snuggle with you every time it gets. If you have a family, then they can be one of the best family dogs.

Another thing to add here, a Goldador puppy might have similar traits like Labs, which includes over-excitement. Labs don’t know what a stranger is and will be super excited to meet anyone. So, a Goldador might show similar persona as well.

Give them an obedience training, this way they won’t jump on the next person on the streets.

Weight and Height of this Labrador Golden Retriever Mix

Are you ready to take care of a medium to large size dog? Goldadors are actually from the big dog group. They can go up to 80 pounds. Males are heavier than females. Moreover, Females, on the other hand, can mature to be about 70 pounds.

They can be tall as 24.5 inches, needless to say; males are taller in this case. Female dogs can go up to 23 inches, pretty close to the male’s height. However, don’t be intimidated by their size. Even though they are quite large, they have a soft heart and a playful nature.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a small sized dog, then Goldadors is not for you.

Mix Colored Coats

Goldador can go both ways. They can come out as a close resemblance to a Labrador or a Golden. I’ve seen puppies having colors like black, chocolate, yellow, just like Labs. Puppies similar to Goldens will show a slight goldish shade in their coat.

Some puppies even look like both the parent. So, to sum it up they can have:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Chocolate
  • Golden
  • Dark golden
  • Light golden

Grooming Rules

We all know Golden Retrievers have long coats, but in this case, the Goldadors don’t necessarily inherit this type of coat. They always have the Lab’s goat, which is double thick.

Double coat means that there is a rough coat in the top of an undercoat. However, they may or may not inherit the Goldens longer length and silky smooth texture.

But they don’t have as much as feathering like Golden Retrievers.

For this, they would need a weekly brushing session, which should increase during the shedding season.

What Kind of Health Issues Do They Have?

As they are a mixed breed, they are exposed to few health conditions that both the parents suffer from. This adds up to the common canine health issues such as eye diseases, skin irritations, hip dysplasia, and allergies.

The parents both suffer from elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. They also have progressive retinal atrophy. Not to mention the fact that, Goldens tend to carry the cancer gene with them. Every year many Goldens die for this disease.

So, if you want to buy a Goldador from a breeder then make sure you test their parents beforehand. If they have a genetical issue, then you would be able to prepare for it from the beginning. Also, ensure that they are not suffering from other common health issues.

Training and Exercising a Goldador

As both, the parents suffer from hip problems you would need to keep your puppy’s weight in check. Don’t even let it be overweight. It’s imperative that you give it nutritional food and keep it balanced.

Goldadors are prone to weight gain, and too much weight will be bad for their hip joints. To keep it in shape you will need to walk your beloved pet every day. You can also try other exercises along with it to make him even fitter.

This way they will have a fit muscle structure and get a healthier and longer life. You can try going on a family adventure like hikes, swimming or runs to keep it company and healthy.

How Long Do They Live?

Hybrid dogs mainly live as much as their parents live. Both the parents have an average life expectancy of 10-12 years. So, you can expect your pup to live that long at least.

Can I Buy the Golden Retriever Labrador Mix?

Goldador is a famous hybrid dog. So, you won’t have to work extra hard to find them. As I mentioned earlier, there are official programs to breed them. The pricing would vary greatly from seller to seller as it solely depends on their terms.

Before buying from such breeder, check out if they are experienced or not. Experienced ones will know to do tests before breeding the parents to get a healthy puppy. That being said, these puppies could cost you $500-$1000 at most.

Rescue Goldadors

Want to adopt a rescue dog? Don’t worry; you will be able to find breeders their too. There are specific animal shelters geared towards this breeding, and they have rescue Labrador or Goldens to breed.

You can always find Goldadors up for adoption if you are lucky. Well, they are not a rare breed, so hoping for such things isn’t pointless.

However, it can be a little hard because most of the rescue dogs can come from puppy mills.

Are There Any Bad Outcomes?

Well, to be frank, there are some dishonest breeders out there who just breed this dog to make extra cash. This an animal cruelty and it should be stopped right away. Breeders often don’t take responsibility for the Goldador puppies and tend to make them more prone to illness.

You will have to avoid puppy mills to get your hands on them because they might or might not be the ideal case.

Another fact is that they are super active dogs. So, you need to know for sure whether you have the time and dedication to maintain them. If you are away for long hours and the dog has to stay home alone, it will feel anxiety.

Also, if you are not an active person, then it’s best to avoid these breeds altogether. They will require exercising and slacking off here would only harm them.

 What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of getting any dog are huge. On the other hand, Goldadors are known for their playful and happy nature. They bond with their owners on a deep level and loves to snuggle with you every day. Who wouldn’t love these cute balls of fluffiness?

Another plus point is that among all other crossbreeds Goldadors have the lowest level of health issues. So, you can expect a good amount of life expectancy from them. They are also prone to learning new tricks and are extremely easy to train.

Is the Goldador Right for You?

There’s no better way of saying this, but Goldadors are really a great option as a family pet. But you need to remember some facts before you make the last call. They are somewhat a large breed. So, they will quickly outgrow any small space and would require a bigger place to be comfortable.

Open floors are more suited to their style. That’s why if small sized dogs are your favorites then Goldador is not for you. Another fact is that they have overexcitement issues. This issue may be too much for some people, but remember you can train them to behave well.

Also, you shouldn’t go for it unless you have spare time. If you are workaholic and have to stay overnight, then these are not for you. You will only worsen the situation this way.

The best way would be to have a flexible schedule or a family who can look after the dog when you are away.

Concluding Notes

I hope now you can decide whether Goldadors are for you not. Goldadors are one heck of a companion and will love you to death. The love you will get from them is priceless.

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Why You Need To Know Everything About Corgi Husky Mix?

Are you in love with Huskies and Corgis? I can’t blame you, they are both cute and adorable at the same time! Huskies are one of the best companions you can get and Corgis are a joy to be around.

But if you are in a dilemma between these two awesome dog breeds then take their mix! What? Can’t believe me?

Corgi Husky mix does exist and they are the cutest and fun dogs you can ever get. These dogs are also called “Siborgi” and “Horgi”. And that’s why I’ll be sharing all you need to know about the Corgi Husky mix.

After knowing all about this wonderful mix breed, I’m sure you’ll want one as a companion.

So, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Corgi Husky Mix: What Exactly Are They?

To make it simpler if a purebred Siberian Husky and Welsh Corgi are bred, we get Corgi Husky mix. We will get the same results breeding a Siborgi and Welsh Corgi too!

To understand the concept even better, let’s take a look at their parent!

Siberian Huskies are a type of worker breed. They were brought up to pull sledges, making their legs longer. A mature Husky will weigh about 35-60 pounds. Being a little mischievous, these beautiful looking dogs have large ears and highly expressive persona.

On the other hand, Welsh Corgis are short and cute herding dog breeds. They are highly known for their short legs and squirmy eyes, melting everyone’s hearts. These will grow up to 30 pounds or less.

The Corgi Husky mix will get the short legs of Corgis and the wolf look of Huskies, being a great looker, to begin with.

Temperament of This Wonderful Breed

As they aren’t a pure breed, they tend to have qualities from both worlds. Although you have to remember that, the results will vary from Siborgi to Siborgi. They are not a pure breed, so the characters will depend more on one parent.

But they can have more or less of these characters, making them a wonderful companion for anyone:

Really Friendly

These cute little muffins will be friendly to any new people but they won’t trust you right away. Even so, don’t expect them to be over-friendly with anyone.


This amazing mix breed is known for their love and caring traits. They’re a joyful companion to fulfill an emotional need.

Highly Sociable

Corgi Husky mix dogs will defiantly have sociable traits from their parents. These dogs love entertaining. They will even bond with other animals pretty quickly and play with them.


They have an adventurous persona, being eager for any change. Love them, cuddle them, they’ll get so pleased just with that.


Siborgis will always be on alert, making them one of the best guard dogs for you. If you can train them well enough, they’ll even stop excessive barking.


These dogs are known for their intelligence. They’ll catch onto stuffs easily, making them a great trainee.

Most Loyal One

If you want a loyal pet that puts you before anyone else then Corgi Husky mix dogs should be your first call. They will never betray you and will stay by your side throughout their whole life.

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How Much Do They Weigh?

The weight varies from 20-50 pounds. Usually, they take up Corgis shape and size, so typically they’ll be 20-30 pounds. So, if you want a husky but can’t actually manage the enormous size, get a Siborgi.

Although if you see a more husky train in him, he’ll probably grow up to be 50 pounds.

A Breed Full Of Colors

Mixing one breed with another will always result in unpredictability. That’s why you can’t know for sure what color mix your dog will have. Corgi Husky mix breed can have a different color mix when they’re just puppies and later develop into one of the parent’s colors.

They usually have:

  • Red
  • Agouti
  • Gray
  • Sable
  • Brindle
  • Black
  • Dark Brown

Other than these, they’re likely to have white markings from both parents.

Check Out the Mix Coat

Your Corgi Husky mix will surely have a medium length, straight and thick coat. The thick layer will make them waterproof. He can inherit the coat from any parent or from both of them.

If it takes after the Husky, the coat will be longer and if it takes after the Corgi, it’ll be of medium length.

Maintaining Your Mix Breed


The Corgi Husky Mix is a moderately active dog and needs to be taken on at least one walk per day to keep him happy and healthy.

They can get cranky when you’re not being active enough. They’ll be on their best behavior if you let them off the leash. That’s why you’ll need to train them properly for a total recall.

If you are really busy and don’t have time then you can try out play dates. Play dates with other dogs will calm him down and give him the exercise he needs. Clearly a better solution to all your problems.


Taking after their parents, a Siborgi will definitely be a shedder. That’s why you’ll need to get a hold of a good brush and a vacuum cleaner. You have to brush him once or twice a day to keep all the shedding at bay.

It’s super easy, no need to panic. They’ll also need regular showering with dog shampoo. After shampooing, use conditioner for their long coat. It’ll make them more silky and shiny.

Try to wipe the ears too regularly with a moist cotton cloth or ball. Try to be as gentle as possible, you don’t want to hurt your buddy now, do you?

Do They Have Any Health Issues?

With shorter legs and longer bodies, these mix breed dogs tend to have back problems. It can become worse if they gain too much weight or become obese. That’s why you need to make sure they’re in perfect health, having a perfect weight.

Other issues may include skin problems, eye diseases, dysplasia, etc. If they are well taken care of, you’ll probably won’t face these health issues.

How Long Will He Live?

Any mix breed dogs will live just as long as their parents. So, for a Corgi Husky mix, it’ll be from 12 to 15 years.

Are These Furry Mix Breed the Right One For You?

Corgi Husky mix breeds can be the perfect companion for you if you want an active, fun-loving dog. They are one most friendly, caring and adventurous dog breeds. You’ll certainly be full of life once you get yourself a Siborgi.

But before the final call, you should make sure a few things.

  • Meet the parents beforehand. If they are not well behaved, your puppy can also have this trait.
  • You won’t have to warm them in cold weather for their long length coat, but you have to groom them regularly to deal with the shedding.
  • They are active, so if you are a couch potato, they’ll get bored easily. Take them out on walks regularly to prevent that.
  • Their shorter legs prone to develop back problems. Make sure they stay healthy and doesn’t jump on and off high platforms too much.

Get a Corgi Husky mix, I’m sure you’ll love them!

Already own one? Let us know in the comments! We’ll love to hear about your furry friend.


All You Need To Know About Corgi Beagle Mix

Do you know how a Corgi Beagle mix would look? Or how good a pet they would be for you and your family? Well, one thing for sure, this breed would surely be one of the cutest one of all.

Corgis are one of the popular ones with their tiny feet, upright ears, and small and fluffy structure. Sometimes they are also called dwarf dogs. Their adorable walks and hopping just melt away everyone’s heart. However, their appearance isn’t all that is to show. They also have a pleasant personality.

They are playful, full of fun, friendly and what not!

If you think about any other breed that would be as much as friendly as Corgi’s, then look at Beagles! They are another fantastic house dog edition. Although beagles come from a long history of hound family, they are actually really friendly and cute.

They have a compelling sense of smell and is perfect for a hunting session.

So, what do you think? Don’t you think that the pair would just rock? Definitely would be great to welcome to your family someday. But are they really your type of your breed?

I’ve put together all you need to know about Corgi Beagle Mix just to make sure that you know every detail before welcoming one in your family. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Corgi Beagle Mix

Corgi Beagle Mix: What Exactly Are They?

A Corgi Beagle mix is the beautiful brood of a corgi and beagle. People also call them Beagi, for a unique, charming personality and a cute appearance.

They will get characteristics from both of their parents. However, you will see their crossbreed characteristics too! There will be a more dominant nature when they start to grow up!

You may already know that both the parent breed shows a different type of personality towards humans and other species. Beagles have a more hunting type instinct and are one of the best sniffers. On the other hand, Corgis have a slightly playful behavior.

However, in both cases, they are incredibly enthusiastic, amiable, intelligent and gentle.

That’s why before welcoming one into your family, you need to know how to take care of them entirely.

Corgi Beagle Mix: Their Physical Characteristic

If you have any previous experience about Corgi or Beagle, you can get a slight idea how their breed would look like. The physical features are somewhat a mystery. They could take up the Beagle side or the Corgi side.

It will always be a surprise when it comes to Beagi. But there are more or fewer similarities. Let’s check out what they are!

Coat Type

Just like their parents, Beagi would have a soft, silky coat. Beagles and Corgis have thick and short lengthen jacket, so it’s no surprise when their offspring get that too! They could shed from time to time depending on the weather as the season.

If they take up after Corgis, then Corgi Beagle mix would shed their coat during spring and fall. However, their coats are thick enough to keep them warm throughout the season.

The Color Of The Coat

The color also varies from breed to breed. Corgi beagle mix might have tri color like beagle’s; it could also be a white and lemon combined. Other than that, their coat colors can be brown and white, black and white, chocolate tri shade, white and orange, sable, fawn, different shades of black, red and white, tan and white and many more.

Beagi will be simply stunning to look at!

Eye Color

They usually have a mix of brown and hazel color eye. But the eye color solely depends on the parents. If any of the parents have a different eyeshade, it’s likely to have a combination of that shade.

The shape of the Ears: The shape of the ear varies the most. They can either take up Corgis uptight, pointy ears or they could take long, floppy beagle ears.

What About Their Weight?

This particular crossbreed will be medium weighed. So, they will consider somewhere in between 10 to 20 pounds. The weight also depends on the diet you give to your dog.

The Height

Not tall in any way. They could take up the form of the Corgis and have short legs. This makes them a somewhat unique crossbreed compared to others. Also, there are some rare cases where they could take up the height of beagles and go about 33-41 centimeter.

However, it could depend on the gender of the dog.

Physique Nature

It doesn’t matter if they are tall or shot, they will always display a stocky and robust physique. Not muscular in any way, but they do have a slightly fuller physical appearance. This makes them fit for any exercises or outdoor activities.

Corgi Beagle Mix

How Well Does Corgi Beagle Mix Behave?

Friendly Nature

They are just as warm and gentle as they look. These breeds are loving dogs that are loyal to their owners in every way. They are a great family dog, as they show a good deal of companionship and affection towards the members.

If you are worried about interaction with other pets or other neighbor dogs, then don’t worry. These are so friendly that they will befriend other pets or dogs really fast. They are not the aggressive type like other dogs.

However, the behavior will depend on the breeding parents and training they received.

They could also show a protective attitude towards their owner if they sense any strangers or other unknown dogs that could harm them. They have a beagle background so, being a little feisty might be in their nature after crossbreed.

Intelligent Level

They are not only a looker breed. Behind those charming face, stocky physic and fluffy coat, they are actually quite brilliant. Their impressive level of intelligent is straightly inherited from their parents.

They show a high level of responsiveness to basic command, tricks and training. However, they are usually trained as a guard dog or working dog. But if you teach them, they will surely come in handy when in need.

Playful and Active Nature

Corgi beagle mix is always open to play around with you, just all other dogs in the world. Play fetch or run across the field or backyard, play with their chew toys, they’ll be more than eager to join you.

Their parents are full of energy, so it’s likely that beagi will get the same level of power too! They won’t be happy being locked up or left along for a long time. So, make sure to consider this before going for one because you have to be active in order to maintain them.


Well, they have beagle blood in them, so it’s not weird for them to be stubborn sometimes. It’s also a typical situation for any dog; they are stubborn one time or another. So, you need to patient with them. They can get to chasing something rather than obeying your order because of their hunter instincts.

They could also show resistance to your command or tricks and might not respond to it for the first time. However, they will eventually warm up to you. It somewhat depends on the time you spend with them and the amount of training.

Good Hunters

You can bring up you beagi like the Beagles. As they already have hunter blood running through them, you can train them to be hunter dogs. Sometimes they could be on the run after a rat or some other prey.

Corgi Beagle Mix

How Do You Train Your Corgi Beagle Mix Pup?

Patience is the key here! You’ll have to have a tremendous amount of patient while dealing with this one. As they have a stubborn side, it could hold them back from obeying your orders at first.

Well, if you work hard, they will surely obey your command and respond to doing tricks. Just be a little firm with your Beagi, and it will all be a bit easier than you think.

Without training, they would still go along with other pets or dogs or even humans, but the exercise would affect the process greatly. It’s a massive step towards their development. You can also let your dog participate in other sociable and outdoor activities to make them more obedient in the long run.

Beagi will be outgoing, and you’ll have to take him walking or playing outside. If you don’t train them well enough, they could run off! Also, putting them on a leash would require you to get them comfortable with it first.

As you know that they’re quite stubborn, taking them outside without any training isn’t a good idea here.

You can use playpens if you want to play with him indoors and don’t want to mess up your sofa and stuff. Playing with them on a daily basis will keep them happy, fit and healthy.

What Type of Foods Do They Eat?

Caring for a dog can be tough. You have to take care of their nutritious need and maintain their diet so that they don’t get too fat or too skinny. If you want your Corgi beagle mix to be healthy and robust, feed him a proper diet with nutrients. This will help them to develop faster.

You can go to a vet and take u their suggestion and plan a diet according to that. But whatever you do, don’t let them eat too much out of love. This will make them obese and develop other health issues along with it.

You can give them dog food specially made for beagles or weight management foods. You can also provide them with food appropriate for corgis. But make sure to see which ones they like best. As they come from a mixed breed, they could develop a unique taste.

However, always make sure that your dog gets the best treatment and feed him high-quality food. Your dog will need protein along with Vitamins as well, don’t forget that.

 Corgi Beagle Mix Grooming Session

If you are worried about shedding, then you’re in luck. Beagi isn’t one of the heavy shedders; they are somewhat moderate. That’s why grooming wouldn’t be a huge problem for this cute pups.

You’ll just have to brush them frequently and give them a nice bath regularly. It would be a plus point if you can trim your dog’s nail regularly with a clipper. Also, always pick the perfect shampoo for your dog.

You can try out natural shampoos rather than chemical ones. Not only beagi’s but every dog is sensitive to chemicals. Make sure to avoid them at all cost.

Choosing the perfect shampoo and maintaining the coat will leave your Corgi beagle mix dog’s coat shinier than ever.

Some Health Issues You Should Look Out For

Mix breeds are a little more likely to fall sick than pure breeds. So, look out for potential health issues. They could inherit a few problems over the time such as back and joint problem, ear infection, epilepsy, and seasonal allergies.

If you see anything unusual, then contact your vet right away. Leaving things as is will only make it worse for your beloved pet.

How Long Do They Live?

I know you want your precious pet to live as long as you can, but unfortunately, that’s not the case with dogs. The corgi beagle mix or Beagi will have a maximum lifespan of 12-15 years. I know it’s not enough, but make every single day count.

Make sure to provide excellent care to help them live a fuller life.

So, Are Corgi Beagle Mix The Right One For You?

Want an excellent family dog? Then the corgi beagle would be perfect for the occasion. Not only they are exceptional, but their physical features also make them a great looker.

So, if you want to get yourself a loving and caring Beagi, then always remember this fact. They will help you decide whether they’re the right one for you.

  • They are incredibly loving, outgoing, friendly, gentle and active. But they are also stubborn sometimes. So, you’ll need a lot of patients.
  • They come with a higher energy level.
  • Beagi needs the constant taking care of and a great diet to maintain their health.
  • They could develop back and joint problem, seasonal allergies, epilepsy and ear infections.
  • Beagi has a lifespan of 12-15 years.

Are you still confused about Beagi’s? Then ask us any question in the comments, don’t hesitate, we always answer back!

Getting To Know The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

So, you’re scrolling through page upon page figuring out if you should get a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix. You know a little about the two breeds, but what about a combination of both?How will the breeds mix? What will the temperament of the dog be? Is it a good idea? Or a bad one?

Many people may gasp at the idea of a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix. Just like the Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweilers have been seen negatively by the public. But this is why the facts will help you in making your decision.


Knowing the Lineage

There are many opinions out there about each breed. The German Shepherds are often seen as aggressive due to the work they do with the police and the military. But this is mainly in response to the work that they do. They are meant to be seen as aggressive to their adversaries so don’t let that information get you down.

Rottweilers get a bad rap as well. They are often used as guard dogs and so their job as well shows them as aggressive. In an article by Caitlin Riffee, she states they are “bred to be dependable working… animals.” From personal experience, I have worked with this breed, and I have enjoyed each dog from this lineage.

Both breeds are considered highly intelligent: the German Shepherd being versatile in training for whatever job is set out for them and the Rottweiler being a loyal working dog. They learn quickly, but make sure you stay consistent with them. Structure is key to obedience.

What to Expect?

Now that you are updated on the lineage, here’s what to expect. Both breeds are quite large so expect a medium to large sized dog with many variations. German Shepherds range from 50 to 90 pounds while Rottweilers range from 77 to 130 pounds.

Rottweilers are short haired while the German Shepherd can be both. In this case, you can get a wide arrangement of hair length and color. They will only need to be groomed occasionally.

Both breeds, although intelligent and quick learners, do have a lot of energy. They will need to participate in exercise and training daily. Do not expect them to just lie around the house like a Basset Hound. They will drive you mad if you do not provide them an outlet for their energy.

What if you have children? This is a common question for getting a dog. There will always be concerns with a new addition to the family. Whether it is with children or other animals, these dogs may need to be supervised. They are large and sometimes do not realize their own strength.

 German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

Possible Problems

With any animal, in this case a dog, there will be issues that arise. Most people looking at these significant breeds will be getting a puppy. Whether you get a puppy mix or add an adult to your family, size can be a problem.

Allergies can be a problem. With the addition of hair and dandruff from an animal, your allergies might cause a little more issues than before, and cause a little more clean up. As long as you are up for the reality of your responsibility, you will be fine.

​German Shepherds and Rottweilers are not small dogs, in fact, they are considered a large breed.This means if you have a small apartment or a small house, it can get a little crowded. But don’t be discouraged.

​As I said before, they will be full of energy. Being a large breed and being energetic can cause a little chaos. They are not mellow like the Great Pyrenees or the Bulldog. They will need a place to let out that energy: like a walk or a dog park.

​They may not know their own strength. They are large and sometimes do not know how powerful they can be. When introducing your puppy to a new dog, your dog may not know howto interact. This can be easily fixed with early introduction and socialization to other animals.

​This is the same for children. Supervision may be necessary until you have decided your dog responds to your child well or vice versa. Obedience training will also assist you by providing control over your puppy. This also calms your new family member.

 German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

​The Benefits

​Now that I have explained in detail the problems that may arise, here are some of the wonderful benefits of having a pet.

​Owning a dog, especially a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix will allow you to be more active.This means, more exercise and a healthier lifestyle. Those walks are important.

​There has also been speculation that having a pet around children will boost their immune systems. This means less sick days for you child.

​Emotionally, your puppy will boost your Oxytocin. This chemical is considered the “feel good”hormone, and so it makes for a better day. Plus, who doesn’t want to cuddle with something that loves you unconditionally.

​Last but not least, these two words: love and companionship. Your puppy will love you no matter what. It is always a wonderful feeling to come home and be greeted by that energetic ball of fluff that forgets you yelled at it yesterday for jumping on the bed.

​Now What?

​So now you have been presented with some of the facts. With any type of pet there comes great responsibility. There are costs and appointments to think about. What are you willing to give up to integrate this new puppy into your family?

​A puppy takes a lot of time and patience. You will need to train it and maintain boundaries.You will need to spend time with the puppy. If you cannot do this, the dog may become disobedient and unpredictable.

​I hope this has helped you in your decision. Please comment below if you have any questions or need clarification.


How Much Do Pitbulls Cost?

So you’ve finally settled down and decided to buy a puppy. And not just any other puppy at that, but a pitbull puppy. You’ve prepared the area on where your puppy will be sleeping. You’ve even contacted veterinarians in the area who you can easily contact once you have your puppy. So you search online to look for a pitbull puppy and you realize that you don’t know how much do pitbulls cost!

​I mean, there are prices and different pages stating how much pitbulls are but I can relate with the need to know on how you can select the best pup for you especially since the prices are varied. Why are there pitbulls for sale that go for thousands of dollars and there are pitbulls – who look exactly the same by the way – that are cheaper?

​This is why I have put together a simple article on what we should consider if we are going to buy a pitbull puppy. I know that there are a lot of people like me who don’t know how much do pitbulls cost. And I understand that feeling entirely. Read on and find out what are the important points to consider when buying one.

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How much do pitbulls cost

​Why Prices Vary?

​Dogs with papers are more expensive

​Papers are essentially an official document that lists the pedigree a certain dog has. If the papers of a dog show that it comes from a good line of champion dogs, then it is likely that the dog has inherited the top qualities of his line as well.

​You can go for dogs with papers if you plan on joining your dog in dog competitions or shows. But if not, you can refer to the dog’s papers if you want to know if it comes from a line with good temperament and physical abilities.

​Gender can be a determining factor

​Some breeders or sellers set female dogs with higher prices. This is because female dogs can still spawn more puppies in the future. And with more puppies, the value of the dog also increases.

​But, not all female dogs are always expensive. Sometimes, male dogs or puppies will also be more expensive especially if they come from a good stud dog. Breeders who choose a good stud dog would generally charge higher for the male puppies because it is understood that these puppies would have a greater chance of inheriting the good qualities of the male parent.

​Physical attribute can cause prices to go up

​Generally, there are certain physical attributes of a pitbull that breeders will charge higher. Some breeders charge for the color of the nose that certain pitbulls have. They will charge “blue-nosed” or “red-nosed” pitbulls higher because it is understood to be rare colors for the breed.

However, it is advised that you should stay clear out of buying these offers. These are considered as a money scam done by nefarious breeders. These are just colors that some pitbulls have, and in no way differentiates one from the other.

Pitbulls rather should be considered on their built and how strong the legs are. Larger pitbulls, whether they are puppies or adults, are more expensive. If you want a larger dog, then paying more for the size can be justified.

​Where pitbulls can be bought?

​Now that you know some of the tips to watch out for in considering buying a pitbull dog or puppy, we look into where we can buy dogs of this breed. Here are some that you can consider:


​A good area to look for pitbull puppies or dogs is your nearest adoption center or animal shelter. Prices for adopting a dog usually go for $100 – $200 according to Ultimate Pet Hub. To look for puppies or dogs in your area, you can go to the site and see if you can find one you like. Rescuing a dog in need of adoption is a good option if you are not very particular with bloodlines or papers that a dog has.


​You can opt to buy pitbulls from some breeders who offer dogs priced under $800. What this means is that the puppy or dog that you bought may not come from a good line. These puppies or dogs are usually spawns of just two ordinary pitbulls. They may also not know the line of their puppies, that’s why they are not registered and have a lower price.

​Be careful on which breeder you will buy your dog or puppy from. There are some breeders who you should stay away from buying. Such breeders include backyard breeders and inbreed breeders. Backyard breeders are breeders who mostly go for breeding pitbulls according to looks.

These are the breeders who try to sell “red-nosed” or “blue-nosed” pitbulls for higher prices. Inbreed breeders are also considered one of the shadiest type of breeders for pitbulls. They usually breed two directly related pitbulls together to achieve common traits for puppies. However this practice would backfire since products of this rampant inbreeding may lead to congenital diseases as the puppies will grow up.

How much do pitbulls cost

​Always do your research and go for legitimate breeders who take care of their dogs very well, and will develop their kennel properly. These legitimate breeders will always let you meet your potential puppy and their parents. They will also make sure that you see your puppy or dog at play with other dogs or with other humans.

This is important so that you will know how your puppy or dog will assimilate to its new environment. Good breeders usually sell puppies with good bloodlines at starting prices of $2000 – $20000. However, there are some decent bloodlines which you can get for just $800 – $1000.

​I can now safely say that I can decide on where I will be buying my pitbull puppy from. There are indeed a lot of things to consider but knowledge on what to do will now let me think twic eon which puppy I should buy. To summarize, here are again some of the tips to consider when buying pitbulls:

  • Choose pitbulls with papers if you want them to join dog shows; if not, you can buy dogs without papers.
  • Adopting is always an option if you want a cheaper alternative to having a pitbull.
  • Research your breeder and make sure that their operation is legitimate before you proceed on buying your puppy.

Pitbull is a good dog to own but you have to be mindful of its training and care. In addition to buying cost, keep in mind that the cost of maintaining a dog like pitbull could go more than $2000 per year which would include dog food, vet bills, grooming etc.

​Pitbulls, and all dogs in general,will always be a great addition to your family and your household. Choosing the best will make sure that you will add another member of your family and make them feel right at home. If you feel that you have any further questions on this topic, feel free to comment below and I will gladly get back to you right away.

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Life as a Great Dane Owner – The Cost Factor

Are you considering adding a Great Dane to your family? If so, do you wonder how much does a Great Dane cost to maintain? You would be interested to know that Great Danes make for quite huge pets. However, even with their imposing stature, Great Danes are good natured.

They are well known in the canine world for being warm, gentle, affectionate and friendly. These gentle giants are great in homes with children. Bursting with energy, these pets are playful and can keep up with children. Being quite sensitive, they tend to flourish in environments that are non-chaotic or loud, such as where harsh reprimands are issued.


If considering to keep great danes as pets, there a few costs to consider:

1. Initial cost

To start with, Great Danes cost more that many other breeds. Nonetheless, prices are likely to vary depending on whether you opt to purchase one or adopt. The adoption route is less costly and can set you back up to$400.

Many pet owners get into keeping Great Danes as pets without fully understanding the heavy commitment required of them. In some cases, the pet owners surrender them to rescue groups . If your looking to adopt, getting in touch with any Great Dane rescue group could get you started on the path to being a pet owner.

Buying on the other, can range anywhere from $600 to $3000, if bought from a breeder.

Age is another cost determinant

Generally, younger dogs will cost less than newly matured dogs in their prime. Although puppies cost less, you need to ensure they have all their shots, have a good supply of chew toys, training among other expenses. All in all, puppies might be just as costly as mature dogs in the long run.

2. Feeding costs

To keep their big stature energized, Great Danes have higher food requirements than most breeds. With most dog food costing up to about $50 for a 40 pound bag,your new family member could have an impact on your monthly budget.

Consuming 7 to 10 cups of dog food a day, male great danes are top tier feeders. Bitches consume 6 to 8 cups, which is well above average in comparison to other breeds.

In essence, you would be required to fork over approximately $80 per month in food bills. On occasion, Great Danes also suffer from bloating, which is life threatening. When your pet is afflicted, it can be an anguishing time. Characterised by unsuccessful attempts to vomit,anxiety, and general restlessness.


This is usually followed by a visit to the vet. It is important then, that pet owners need space out meals to avoid bloating. They also require specialised diets which are low in protein, fat as well as calcium. Serving up meals high in protein, fat or calcium, increases their growth rate, which is in turn results in unhealthy pets.

Accounting for the highest and most recurring cost, it is paramount that your pet's food be top quality. Anything else might not have the correct nutrient mix to keep your great dane healthy.

3. Play space

Due to their playful nature, great danes do not do well in confined quarters or small spaces such as apartments. They need enough room to play and use up their energy.

As a pet owner, you would need to live in a roomy home, probably with some outdoor space or backyard. Though not jumpers, their size impedes a happy stay at a small apartment, simply because they would knock into your stuff.

Their loud barks might also inconvenience other dwellers in an apartment building or intimidate neighbors.

4. Time and commitments

Their ever energetic nature implies that you need to be invested time-wise. To burn off their energy, it is recommended that you strap on their leash and take them out for a walk or jog.

This also helps them keep in shape, which is essential in keeping a plethora of health problems at bay. Aging Great Danes do slow down and do not require as much exercise.

Being incredibly social, great danes would demand your presence most of the time. Pet sitters come in handy for pet owners that keep a busy schedule. This is further aided by the fact that these pets are friendly even towards strangers.

5. Training

Taming some of your pet's mannerisms is crucial. Left unchecked, accidents around the home become frequent and off-putting. A proper trainer must be sought. As earlier mentioned, they do not like harsh correction.

An obedience school with trainers who understands the breed well enough to know of its soft temperament similarly adds to the maintenance cost of a Great Dane.

It is best to pick up training at an early age. This is because, puppies are easier to train than mature dogs, hence the old adage. If you decide to go it alone, there are many resources available.


6. Health cost

As their age, they become susceptible to a myriad of health problems.Frequent visits to the vets then become important. Common health problems to look out for include heart problems, hip displacement and bone cancer.

Over the counter medication for some conditions such as worms and control of fleas is sold based on your pet's weight. It goes without saying that Great Danes out-weigh many breeds.

Therefore, enquiring how much does a Great Dane cost in reference to general medication, it would probably require higher volumes of medication that other breeds.

In case of injuries or medical procedures, x-rays and surgeries are carried out at higher costs due to a Great Danes size. Surgery for bloating for example, could costs upwards of $1000.

7. General care costs

Their short fur does shed a lot. Regular combing with a good brush with firm bristles ought to keep your Great Dane looking great. At the same time, you could consider investing in a hand held vacuum cleaner to get fur that finds its way onto your sofa.

In regards to baths, Great Danes do not require many as long as combing is carried out frequently to remove fur.

Extreme care is also necessary in storage of toxic substances around the house.With their height, not much is out of reach.

Capable of grabbing items from a kitchen worktop or shelf, it becomes hazardous to leave things unattended. Pantry doors should be shut tight to prevent unfortunate incidences, such as ingesting harmful substances or overfeeding.

As part of on-going costs, boarding costs are considerably higher. For their size, beddings come at a high cost. Their weight also implies that their beddings need to be replaced often.

Do keep in mind however, that in homes with small children, all play with pets should be supervised. When under stressful conditions, canines bite. Great Danes are no different. Having painted a clear picture on how much a Great Dane cost, it would becomes easier to budget for a new family member, an ever loving and loyal, Great Dane.