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Active Dogs And College Living 101: How To Manage Them Both

Having a dog by your side can be a very rewarding and incredible experience. However, if you’re a college student taking care of an active dog, that’s a whole different story.

If you have a Golden Retriever or a trained Husky, then you’re most likely alright leaving them at home for a few hours at a time while you’re in class. However, if you have an active dog, such as an Australian Shepherd or a Russell Terrier, leaving them by themselves for a few hours might not sit well with them.


There are different types of students: Those who commute and leave their dog with a sitter/family, and those who keep their dogs in their dorms while they go off to learn in class. What college dog owners may not realize is that active dogs get very bored very quickly.

Much like humans, their patience runs thin, and if the owners aren’t there to pay attention, that’s when destruction begins. You may come back one day, to ripped up pillows, the toilet paper half eaten, and the classic excuse of “My dog ate my homework” might just become a reality.

Maintaining Stress Levels

Juggling college and maintaining a close relationship with your furry friend is hard, but possible if you follow the right steps to avoid chaos. Step one is to purchase a crate. Although it may be hard cooping your best friend up at first, it’s the best thing that will ensure their safety, as well as ensure that your stress levels remain low.

College can be stressful enough with the amount of homework professors pack onto you. Having that piece of mind that your dog is safe and sound in their crate, unable to destroy everything in sight, will help you better focus on your studies.

It might get extremely hard at times, and on occasions, you may need to stay in class longer than usual for extra study sessions or presentations. In cases like these, it’s best to coordinate with your roommate or a reliable friend to walk your dog if you have multiple classes in a day.

Step two is to keep playtime consistent every day with your friendly pup. If a dog doesn’t get rid of their excess energy, they become a distraction for when you need to study, and they’ll constantly try to gain your attention, by barking, tugging on an article of your clothing, or even jumping on you and scratching you.

Class time is a must, but once classes are over, it’s good to rid your mind of class stress and take a short break. Within this break, you can take a nice hike with your dog around campus, or even on a trail if the weather/environment permits it. By doing this, your dog gets worn out, and you get a break from the stress of college.

Occasionally, you’ll want to focus entirely on your best friend, rather than what your professors assigned for homework. Taking a day to leave your studies up to someone else will greatly increase the bond between you two. It’s always best to find the perfect balance of time to spend with your dog, as well as focus on your studies.

You can go to to find a reputable professional that will alleviate the amount of time you spend trying to get an assignment done, and you can tend to your dog’s high energy levels.


Keep your dog occupied when you know that you won’t be able to provide an ample amount of time focusing on them. Nylabones are an effective and safe way for your dog to be distracted while you need to study in the library or work on a project with some friends. You can also provide yummy treats to reward them if they remained calm when you needed them to be.

One example of what you can give to your dog is: A little bit of peanut butter spread into a Kong toy. You can freeze it and give it to them as either a reward or a distraction. It will work either way, but freezing it will ensure that they’re busy for much longer. You can also throw a bit of their kibble into the Kong, so that it will be a fun game for them to play when they try to paw the kibble out.

Another example of fun treats to give your dog would be pieces of carrots. Dogs love to crunch on things, and the crunchiness of the carrots will satisfy their need to chew and destroy things, while also making for a nutritious snack.

Another way to maintain an equal balance of paying attention to your dog, while living the life of a college student, is by setting a rigid schedule of when your dog gets to go on a walk. Active dogs tend to be fussier, and they believe that they can bark twenty times a day and you’ll take them on a walk. Of course, with a full schedule of classes, that may not be possible, and your dog might be agitated, like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

However, you have to realize that you’re the dog owner, and you’re essentially the alpha male. As bossy as active dogs tend to get, if they notice that you’re setting a schedule as to what time they can go out and get their exercise, they’ll tend to adapt to your schedule.

While taking them out twice a day isn’t probable, you can choose which time of the day you’ll be able to take them on a long walk, and which times of the day they have to go on a quick walk and go back inside after they’re done doing their business. The maximum amount of hours that a dog can hold their bladder for is roughly eight hours, and that’s only if there’s an emergency and you can’t walk them beforehand. However, it’s best to walk your dog every 3-5 hours for safekeeping.


The good thing about college is that you get to make your own schedule, for the most part, meaning that you won’t be stuck in the typical eight hour middle/high school routine, and you won’t have to worry about taking the school bus and exceeding the amount of time that your dog is left in the cage for.

Creating your own schedule allows for some leeway between classes, which leads to frequent walks for Lassie, and the development of a walking/eating schedule. Puppies up to five months should eat at least three times a day, while dogs over five months should eat twice a day. Dogs are much like a company: The more organized everything is, and the more a schedule is planned in advance, the smoother things will run (even for the most active dogs).

5 Best Harness for French Bulldog: Get The Best Care for Your Pup

Bulldogs can be quite charming when it comes to dogs. That being said, this breed can sometimes be rather difficult to handle. So, you’ll need to get yourself the best harness for French bulldog to deal with this issue.

Having big eyes, straight ears, and that adorable punched face really makes this breed one of the poutiest breeds of all. Not to mention the undying loyalty these breeds possess.
It’s an awesome breed for domestication, as it’s one of the smallest dogs. Similarly, French bulldogs are great as a residential pet.

However, bulldogs are rather a strong-willed pet, so you might face some trouble while caring for your beloved pet.

If you want to keep them in your grasp, then you’re in the right place. Because today I’ll let you know just how you can get yourself the best harness for French bulldog. What? Curious?

Read On!

Why Should You Go For a Harness Instead of a Leash?

Many of you pet owners tend to prefer a harness over a leash. Why? Well, a harness is one kind of leash but they are much stronger and more effective when it comes to stubborn pets. If your bulldog is somewhat on the tenacious side, you should definitely go for a harness. Let's see some of their benefits to clear your mind.

1. Get More Control

If you wish to control your bulldog and have more grip, then you need to invest in the best harness for French bulldog. Harnesses cover up most of their bodies, so they'll respond to your signals more than a leash.

2. Comfort Zone

Harnesses can give you the right amount of comfort you need to maintain your French bulldog. Dogs could get a little tensed up on a leash or even choke. On the other hand, harnesses can really feel more natural to them. It makes them more comfortable with the binding.

3. Lots of Choices

If you go for a harness, you'll get a lot of choices to deal with. They come in different styles, covering back, or front or both. Training French bulldog would be comfortable with a back clip. On the other hand, if your pet is on the stubborn side then, front clip is the way to go.

4. Helps to Breath

Bulldogs or specifically French Bulldogs have a hard time breathing. They tend to have a special syndrome called brachycephalic. This syndrome causes them serious breathing problems. Your precious bulldog doesn't have long snouts, and this deliberately makes them harder to breathe.

French Bulldogs have a flat face, and their palate is also soft. Naturally, their windpipes are much narrower than other breeds. That being said, they also have large tonsils. All of this together makes them quite uncomfortable while breathing.S

So, if you make them exercise, such as a simple walk or other training, they'll have a hard time catching their breaths. That's why they need all the help you can give him. If you use a leash in this sense, you'll probably end up hurting him in the process.

A harness would naturally protect your French bulldog from all these problems.

What to Consider While Buying the Best Harness for French Bulldog?

The Size

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the harness. You have to find the right balance between tight and too loose. A harness, which would hug your pet rather than suffocate him is the best way to go.

If you go for the bigger one your bulldog might slip away from them and later get into trouble. On the other hand, the too tight fit will injure your dog when you'll go for a walk or training session.

As Bulldogs seem to have a rather smaller size, in particular, it can a bit difficult to find the perfect size. That’s why before making your call, you should take all the necessary measurements.

Firstly, you’ll need to measure up the girth (width of the chest). For that find the widest part and measure it with a tape. This would likely be two inches down the front legs.

After you have noted down your first value, you have to measure the length of their chest area. For that, you'll have to start from one side of their body and go all the way to the back legs.

This will give you a close look at how to choose the perfect size for your French bulldog.

Neck Straps

Always avoid neck straps when it comes to your French bulldog. You’ll see many designs that come with a neck strap to help you get a better grip. But unfortunately, this helping feature can get a bit dangerous for your pet.

Instead of choking your dog get a no-pull design. This design will focus on the chest areas and avoid any type of discomfort. Also, as an added bonus you'll get a better grip on your dog's weight.

The Build and Materials

When these love creatures make up their mind to go somewhere, they do so regardless of their surroundings. This will literally mean, you would be chasing them non-stop. So, a high-quality harness should be your first call.

To get the best harness for French bulldogs you’ll have to invest in quality materials. Cheap ones would definitely deteriorate easily.

Going for leather, nylon or Oxford cloth would be perfect for this case. These materials happen to be really resistant to pulls and damages. Also, go for a harness that supports metal rings and plastic buckles.


It's one of the most crucial parts of the best harness for French bulldog. If your dog isn't comfortable wearing it, he'd likely try to take it off and make the process even more difficult. Again, make sure it doesn't suffocate him in any way.

Getting one with added soft materials would help your bulldog to get the comfort he needs.

Padding is truly one of the best features of harnesses. Although it might not always be necessary, still having one won't hurt your dog either.


Well, the design or color does matter on this occasion. We pet lovers always want our dogs to be more attractive in every situation. Using vibrant colors in this makes your dog safer. Drivers can see them from a great distance and be hitting them is out of the question this way.

Also, having reflective harness would be perfect for a night walk. This way you can find them even during the night.

Easy to Handle

Dogs never sit still while you're trying to make them wear something. This goes for harnesses as well. You'll get many harnesses deigns, but choose the one that is much easier to put on. This way the whole wearing a harness session would go without any extra hassle.

Best Harness for French Bulldog: 5 Top Picks

1. EcoBark Maximum Comfort & Control Dog Harness

When you’re trying for the best one it won’t be about the resistance but about the comfort and willingness of your French bulldog. Your pup needs to be familiar with it from the start or else later it might get a bit difficult.

That being said you’d want to look for a harness that super comfortable and easy to use. This is where EcoBark Maximum Comfort & Control Dog Harness comes into play!

These lovely harnesses look exceptionally great, along with being extremely comfortable. The harness is more of a hug than an equipment. The build is exceptionally well made, so you won’t have to worry about your stubborn love to become an escape artist.

The EcoBark Maximum Comfort & Control Dog Harness comes in different colors and sizes to add extra flexibility. Just choose the color you love the most on your pup. You can add a little fun to it by choosing a color that matches with your dog’s personality.

The colors include Black, Green, Yellow, Orange, Sky blue, and many more. The webbing is made out of recycled plastic bottles, which means it's extremely environment-friendly.

The vest is extremely lightweight, padded and of course breathable. This will allow your pup to walk about freely, being cool and healthy.

If you haven't ever tried out a harness, then this is the perfect one for you. Pups love this one as a beginner and get used it easily.

So, you should give it a try!

A Caution Note:

Before buying check out and measure the head size of your pup. As the head hole of this harness can’t be adjusted, too tight or lose would lead to additional problems.Again, it would stop fitting once he grows up. Find the right one and your French bulldog will love it.

  • It uses webbing which is a non-toxic and lightweight polyester.
  • Plush piping in the throat area for additional safety.
  • The air mesh is comfortable and flexible for any movement.
  • Uses reinforce hooks.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Great for introducing harnesses for the first time.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.
  • Sizing is a bit confusing
  • The head hole can’t be adjusted.
  • Have to get rid of the vest if your puppy grows.

2. Ruffwear - Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness

This harness was designed to be comfortable through the day. It’s one of my personal favorites because it’s really gentle with my dog.


Well, there are many reasons for it. First of all, adjustability is super flexible and you can customize this harness any way you want.

Usually, French Bulldogs have a great physic with those pointy ears and extremely large head structure. Well, the structure isn't that big compared to other dogs, but it's bigger than his own body.

For this sometimes lifting with the harness could get ugly, but not in this case.

Ruffwear - Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness really makes sure that his proportion less head fits with it perfectly. The harness has several adjustable points to make sure the neck opening doesn’t hurt him or the chest area isn’t too loose or tight.

This really comes in handy for my dog.With this many adjustable features, it will be perfect for your Frenchie, regardless of his size.

Again, the harness comes with a padded body chest panel. This makes sure that even if he’s a puller, he won’t cut himself anywhere. The D-ring is on the back side of the harness and it’s strongly attached, which distributed the pull to the overall body.

This way you won’t ever lose control of your dog.

Another fun fact is that it also has a front webbing, which will allow to train him freely and safely.


Ruffwear - Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness is available in different attractive colors. These include Blue dusk, campfire Orange, Redberry, Twilight Grey, Meadow Green, Orange Poppy, Tillandsia Purple.

They are also coated with reflective strips to help you see your dog in night time walking sessions.

  • Perfect for dogs with pulling and running off behavior.
  • Additional durability and comfort.
  • There are different hooking points available for different activities.
  • Rings are quite strong and made out of webbing.
  • Can adjust to fit any sized dog.
  • ID tag pockets.
  • Reflective colors for safe nighttime walking sessions.
  • The pockets are a bit hard to find out.
  • The label or space for ID is actually really tiny.
  • Some minor sizing issues.

3. Kurgo Tru-fit Travel Harness

While you're traveling with your dog, you tend to restrain it, so that they can't distract you in any way. But what happens when you’re in a car crash? How do you save your beloved pooch?

Many of you don’t really know the difference between a walking harness and a protective harness. So, if you think that your beloved friend will be safe with only one type of harness then you’re completely in the dark.

Walking harnesses aren’t designed to save or minimize any crash impacts that may or may not happen.

Therefore, let’s take a look this wonderful harness that could save your dog’s life during any bad situation; Kurgo Tru-fit Travel Harness.

This wonder harness is equipped with features that are designed for traveling purposes.

This useful travel harness anchors your French bulldog to their seat so that they can stay where they are during any hard break or crash. It doesn't mean that they would be uncomfortable throughout the session.

No, these babies are extremely safe to use and won’t cause any harm to your dog or whatsoever. The seatbelt fixing points help in this regard.

It also, makes sure the dog doesn’t choke during an impact. This will allow him to walk away with fewer injuries rather than with a broken leg or rib.

Special Note:

You can also use this harness as a walking harness too! This means you'll be able to get two types of harnesses at the price of one. Isn't it great?

The Kurgo Tru-fit Travel Harness has been tested with 75 lb. weight to see how it performs. So, no worries there. It’s only available in two colors, black and red.

  • Can be used for dogs weighing seventy-five pounds.
  • A comfortable and safe traveling buddy.
  • Use for both traveling and walking.
  • Special D-ring will resist any kind of pull.
  • Has a wide customizable size.
  • The chest area has extra padding for more comfort.
  • The rings are made of metal, to add durability.
  • Can use it for any type of vehicle setup.
  • A feisty dog can get all tangled up in the carabiner.
  • Non-suitable for anxious dogs as it leaves rub marks.
  • The harness can be a bit harsh or stiff in some cases.

4. Puppia Dog Harness

Puppia Dog Harness is a one of a kind harness, which is made of polyester. You can adjust the chest area and it also comes with a buckle system, which will enable you to release him quickly. As there is no point in using the walking harness at home, this feature would definitely come in handy.

The opening of the neck area is padded, so even if you put on a harness, he'll still be comfortable enough to be a good boy.

The material of this wonderful harness is breathable, light, and soft. This is simply because of the higher air mesh quality. That’s why your French bulldog would never protest while you’re putting this one on.

But before you put it on, measure your dog fist and adjust the harness according to that, to avoid any unnecessary discomfort and harm. Take care of the neck area more.

Many of you want a harness that can be washable in machine. While most of the harnesses on the market won’t allow this type of washing, you can wash Puppia harness in a machine without worrying about it.

However, hand washing is preferred every time. You can also dry it by air drying, or use a dryer.This harness will make sure all your walking session is full of fun and no hassles. With this harness, training would be a piece of cake.

Special Features:

This harness comes in many colors such as Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, green Camouflage, Orange, Brown, Beige, and Black. You will get a wide range of sizes with this one. It starts from XS to 2XL. You can see their measuring chart and choose the size from that for 100% accuracy.

  • Can adjust the chest belt without any hassle.
  • Easy release buckles.
  • The neck area of the harness is padded for comfort.
  • Washable in a machine.
  • The vest can be adjusted in the neck or chest area.
  • The air mesh is lightweight and soft.
  • Sizes can be confusing to get. You should go for bigger ones.
  • The belt is a bit loose, your dog could get tangled up.

5. Chai's Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

Chai's Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness is another popular harness for your dog. These harnesses are extremely lightweight, comfortable and highly adjustable.

The no-pull design of this harness is just perfect from your Frenchie, as it won't choke him like leashes. Another great feature is that it's highly durable being scratch resistant.

The harness is exceptionally comfortable with the sponge padding in the front part. This also makes sure that your pooch doesn’t feel irritated in any way.

Adjusting this harness is super easy and quick.

What about the Colors?

They come in a wide range of colors including Black, Royal Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Pink, Fuchsia, red, and Chocolate.

To make it even visible during the night time or low light environment, it has 3M reflective material to help you out.

  • It’s exceptionally durable.
  • The build is made to protect against scratches.
  • Extremely easy to put on.
  • Padding system adds an extra layer of comfort.
  • You can adjust according to the need.
  • Reflective color or material for night time walking sessions.
  • Wrong sizes tend to hurt the armpit area.
  • The vest loses up after some time. Have to be tightened every now and then.

The Best Pick

Choosing the best harness for French bulldogs can be really tough. If your dog is too sensitive or is a puller, this would deliberately mean that you must get the perfect harness. Bulldogs can get real tricky and if you think you can handle them without a harness, then you’re in the dark.

That being said, these 5 products will surely make your life much easier than before. All of these products are equipped with great features. But among all of them Ruffwear - Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness seems to be the top pick.

Other products such as Chai's Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness and Kurgo Tru-fit Travel Harness can get a bit on the rougher side, if not maintained properly.

Also, EcoBark Maximum and Puppia Dog Harnesses have a few adjustment issues and can be a bit loose for your French bulldog after some time.

So, you see Ruffwear - Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness is the perfect pick for your French bulldog. Why? It fulfills all your buying needs:

  • The Harness is extremely easy to handle.
  • Made of a highly durable material.
  • Padded neck and chest area for additional comfort.
  • Available in a wide range of color.
  • Adjustment is easy and accurate.

So, don't waste any more time, just give a try and see for yourself!

7 Assured Ways to Get Your Dog’s Hair Coat Healthy and Shiny

As a dog owner, you have probably found yourself covered in dog hair at some point. If you allow your pet to roam freely throughout your home, determining all the hair-laden areas that need attention can be overwhelming. Can you imagine your dog leaving a couple of scratches on your new leather couch, or worse on your baby?

As annoying as this can be, you still find it nice to cuddle with your pet and make memories. However, these memories could be bad ones if your dog is not well groomed. This is why you need to employ the use of dog clippers for grooming, among other grooming tools that will make sure you and your pet are good roommates.

Along with grooming tools, it is essential to buy some good pet vacuums that will remove all hair in an expert manner. See the review of pet vacuums here.

Did you know that each breed has different hair types? No matter how much you love your canine friend, if you do not know enough about him/her, it can be very frustrating to pet or enjoy the company he/she offers.

Without understanding this fact, there is so much that could go wrong with your grooming technique. Well, here are the different types of dog hair you need to know about :

Smooth Coat

If your dog has a smooth coat, you are in luck because this type of dog hair does not require much grooming, but their hair should be tended to regularly. The focus of this type of breed should be on quality when it comes to bathes and brushing.

Double Coat

These dogs may have short or long hair and therefore may demand a little love and care. When brushing this type of dog hair, use a slicker brush with a wide-toothed comb.

Long Coat

Most people would consider this breed of dogs with a long coat to be the cutest, especially among little girls. However, a dog with this type of hair demands a lot of grooming and attention than do other breeds.

If your dog happens to have a long coat for hair, determine a suitable brush as well as a detangling shampoo that will feature well with your dog.

Wire coat

Wire coats require consistent grooming and can be more susceptible to mats and tangles, which means the use of conditioners and detangling shampoos to properly groom them.

Curly Coat

The breed of dogs with the curly coat usually has thick and soft curls close to the body. They may require tender and keen care to get through to the curly hairs on the skin, which means employing the use of a soft slicker brush for grooming and extra care.

Keeping your dog’s fluffy coat sleek and shiny is extremely important for his overall health and wellbeing. With such insight that lets you know what type of hair your dog has, consider the following hair care tips to get your dog’s hair shiny and healthy :

Be keen on your dog’s food

Like you would a child, it is crucial to pay close attention to the eating habits of your dog, and keep tabs on the types of food he/she consumes. Your dog should be subjected to high-quality dog food that is properly balanced. For this reason, check the labels of your dog’s food to see which ingredients and how much omega-6 is included.

Make sure your dog’s food stays fresh, and avoid keeping your dog’s food open and around for too long.

Proper bathing routine and frequency

Only you understand the needs of your bet better than other people probably do, which is why you need to determine a proper bathing routine in accordance to the breed of your dog and the type of hair he/she has.

Depending on your dog’s breed, coat, activity level and any medical conditions, the bathing frequency should vary uniquely for your canine friend. Some breeds require frequent baths, but other can do well with one monthly bath.

Every once in a while, consider an oatmeal bath for your canine friend. Oatmeal soothes and moisturizes skin and can be especially helpful for dogs with allergies. You can buy oatmeal varieties of doggy shampoo, but doing a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) oatmeal bath for your dog can help significantly with skin and hair health in an easy and cheap way.

Correct shampoo

Choose the correct shampoo for your dog, specific to the type of hair. If your dog has a dry skin, consider using shampoos with Aloe Vera or oatmeal in them. Remember to choose shampoos that your dog is not allergic to avoid skin reactions that might result in hair falling off.

Dry shampoos, in the form of powders or waterless sprays, are great for spot-cleaning and as an occasional substitute for a full bath.

Brush and de-shed

Whether your dog has long or short hair, most pups shed on a regular basis and have coats that are affected differently in different seasons. There is definitely need for you to regularly brush your pet and de-shed him/her if at all the hair will appealingly be healthy and shiny.

Use Coconut Oil supplements

A lot of the benefits that coconut oil has for human hair applies to dog hair too. For dogs, however, in addition to helping with digestive health and preventing infection, a regular addition of coconut oil supplements for your dog can help improve skin and coat health.

 Use appropriate tools

When it comes to handling pet hair, having some tools that address the grooming menace can make quite a significant impact on the expected results. There are a number of brushes and combs on the market created specifically for home use on your pet.

Scissors with blunt or rounded ends are also handy grooming tools for trimming your dog’s hair, especially for the long-haired type of dogs.

You could also consider using grooming gloves for tackling pet fur, for instance, when giving him/her a bath or removing mats with the mat splitter tools.

Talk to your vet

There is only so much you can do for your pet, but sometimes, the reason behind the dull looking hair and the hair loss patches could be more than meets the eye. Let your vet recommend treatments for dry, itchy skin or even a change in diet to befit your pet’s situation.

Dogs are amazing creatures and it is only fair to show them as much love as possible. Ultimately, each dog is different so make sure you are doing what is best for yours as per the breed and hair type. Regardless of what hair-control strategies you decide to try, keep in mind that it might take your furry friend a little time to warm up to the routine. Pick up any of these tips, be patient as your dog adjusts and watch how quickly your dog’s hair responds!


5 Best Brush for Australian Shepherd: Know How to Groom and Care

Australian Shepherds are not only adorable but also a great looker. They are really active and love to play outdoors. If you have one then you need to pay more attention to their grooming needs and look for the best brush for Australian Shepherd.

As they are more outdoorsy kind of dog breed, they will be happiest while running around in the field or playing in nature. This will make it a bit difficult for you to always maintain their coat. Playing too much outside makes their coats full of dirt, leaves, small branches, and even debris.

If you don’t tend to their grooming needs more often, the coat can become rough, lose their color and they could even get skin problems.

That’s why choosing the best brush for Australian Shepherd is your best bet here. What? Don’t know how to choose the perfect one? Why don’t you take a look then!

How to Choose the Best Brush for Australian Shepherd?

​Want to treat your furry friend as best as you can? Then nothing would be better than going for the best grooming products for him. That's why getting the best brush for Australian Shepard should be the first thing on your list.

Let’s take a look at what things you’ll need to consider the most.

Different Types of Brushes

Usually, you can go for 3 types of brushes for an Australian Shepherd. All three types are a splendid choice for your furry friend. They are slicker, bristle and pin.

Typically slicker ones are the first choice when it comes to choosing the best brush type. They are most suited for double coats and can get the nastiest tangles out of them. Bristle or pin type brushes are also well suited for you Aussie.

Size of the Brush

Aussies or Australian Shepherds tend to be around 40-65 pounds. If your dog is medium go for the medium size and if they are large go for the large size.

A small sized brush wouldn’t be efficient here. Bristles also have different sizes depending on the length of the coat.

Bristle Types

Bristles can be mainly of two types. Either tightly packed or spaced. As Aussies or Australian Shepherds tend to have a thicker coat, tightly packed bristles would be perfect in this case. Although it’s entirely your choice.

Again, metal bristles are much more durable than plastic ones.

Material Type

Brushes are made of different types of materials such as wood, rubber, bamboo, plastic, etc. Any kind of material is pretty good. But the best brush for Australian Shepherd would be a wooden or bamboo brush rather than synthetic ones. They tend to have a better mileage and goes a long way.

Comfort to Hold

You should always go for a comfortable brush. As you will be grooming your Aussie quite often and for a longer time a comfortable handle would definably make it easier for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Australian Shepherd Coats?

If you have an Australian Shepherds you would know that they have really beautiful coats. Being soft and super silky these furry pets are definitely a looker.

Usually, they come in different colors such as black, blue merle, red and red merle. Being straight or wavy or having both types, Aussies seem to have a combinational coat. An Australian Shepherd could have a short lengthen coat or longer lengthen coat.

Most importantly they are water resistant. For having this awesome types of coat they need weekly grooming maintenance and for that, you'll need to go for the best brush for Australian Shepherds.

​Challenges you’ll face While Grooming Them

​To tell you the truth, grooming Aussies are a bit of a challenge for their thicker coat type. The challenging part is that they have different types of hair type combining together.

That’s why they tend to have more issues than other dog breeds. Let’s see what kind of challenges you will face.

  • Tangled Hairs: Having a long hair makes them more prone to being tangled up. Generally, Australian Shepherds have small or large knots that aren't easy to manage. If you brush them on regular basis or use conditioners this problem should go away.
  • Coat Loses its Color: If you don’t maintain it on regular basis it will ultimately start to lose its color. You don’t want your precious pet to have a faded colored hair, do you?
  • Mats: Not grooming often will make the tangles turn into mats which is something that you should definitely avoid. They are harder to get rid of and the process is rather painful for your beloved dog. Cutting them off or using other liquidity products is your best bet.
  • Excessive Shedding: I think you've already guessed this one by now. Australian Shepherds have longer and thicker coats. So, just like other dogs, they will shed. To prevent your house being flooded with hair, you should do regular grooming.

Caring for Your Precious Little Dog’s Coat

​Just follow these tips to maintain your Aussie like a pro.

1. At Least Brush the Coat Once Every Week

Want to prevent excessive tangles? Just brush the coat once every week. Although you should change it when the shedding season comes along.

Brushing regularly in shedding season will help you keep the overall mess at bay. Always and always use the best brush for Australian Shepherd.

While brushing go deep down lightly touching the skin. But don’t overdo it or brush toughly. You’ll end up hurting your dog rather than helping him.

2. Wash Them Once Within Three Months

If you take good care of your Aussie they can go without bathing for more than two months! If you notice his/her coat getting dried up or losing the smoothness you can give him a bath to bring back the silkiness.

​As they tend to have water resistant hair, bathing can be a bit tougher than you think. Using bathing tether or rubber mats will come in handy if you want to give your Australian Shepherd a bath at home.

If it’s too difficult for you, you can always take him to the nearby dog salon, they’ll take a good care of your dog.

​3. Use a Blow Dryer to Dry Off the Coat

Having thicker and double coat takes a lot of time to dry off naturally. You can always use a dryer to speed things up. Just make sure you don’t get the hair more tangled up. Brush his coat with a good brush and then use the blow dryer to blow in the way the hair falls on the skin, not the other way around.

This will make sure the hair dries up without tangling.

4. Trim the Hair

Trimming the hair of Australian Shepherd is really normal for many owners. You can do the same. It will help you maintain it more and won’t cause your dog excessive distress.

It’s a great way to maintain the proper grooming routine and keeping all the challenges at bay.

Don't ever trim the hair without brushing it properly. Use the best brush for Australian Shepherd that you like the most in this case.

​Top 5 Best Brush For Australian Shepherd

​1. FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

Have a tangled up situation? Don’t worry FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is here to save the day. Being extremely gentle with your Australian Shepherd FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is an effective tool that’ll get rid of all the tangles for you.

Furminator is a leading brand offering you quality products every time. Not only it will help your dog get the best care but it will promote a healthier and softer coat each time.

​This tool happens to be really effective, precise and powerful at what it does. Having a double coat makes brushing the hair really difficult but FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs has shorter strokes reliving you from any challenges coming your way.

​Key Features

Stainless Steel Edge

Taking care of the top coat is most important for an Australian Shepherd. This brush offers useful features for that. The stainless steel edge helps to brush the heavy coat thoroughly giving a longer lasting effect.

You can use it for deep cleaning without a second thought. Getting ahold of the dirt and leaves caught up in the coat is, in fact, utterly easy with this one.

​An Eject Button

This tool also offers an eject button solely to benefit you. With this features, you'll be able to get rid of the loose hairs after brushing. Normally, owners have a hard time getting the hair out of the brush. But FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is easier to clean. After cleaning, all you have to do is to just push it back.

Ergonomic Handle

Want a comfortable grip? Furminator offers this handy and highly durable handle which is immensely comfortable to hold on, even for longer sessions.

​How to Use

Using this brush is remarkably easy. Firstly you have to hold your dog with one hand. After that place the brush on his coat and start brushing, going deeper with each stroke. Use the ejector whenever the brush is full of hairs.

If your dog is too sensitive it’s better to avoid this brush. Use a lighter tool to just stroke the top coat.

  • Extremely comfortable to use for longer time.
  • Using it is easy and effective.
  • A great tool for de-shedding.
  • Eject button makes it simple to get rid of the loose hair.
  • Best to avoid this one if your dog has skin issues.
  • Sometimes the bristles tend to break.

2. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is a professional grooming tool. A comfortable brush that will be gentle on the skin. I really like how it makes the grooming time fun and enjoyable rather than causing trouble.

It's loaded with features making it effortless to loosen up any tangled hairs or knots or even the stubborn mats! Going deep into the coat, your Aussie will be shinning up without a doubt.

Let your Australian Shepherd play as much as he likes as you won’t face any issues in the grooming time.

Key Features

Durable and Soft Bristles

If your Aussie has a longer coat with wavy hair then Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush will confidently help with that. Long hairs tend to get tangled up more than straighter ones. With its soft bristles, your furry pet won't even feel a thing.

You can get rid of the thick mats with these wonderful bristles too!

This brush has highly durable bristles with a great build. This brush also adds more flexibility to your grooming sessions than most other products on the market.

Easy To Clean

This brush is exceptionally painless to clean. Not to mention that it was made solely for Australian Shepherds. With a click of a button, you'll be able to clean this brush without any bother.


What I mostly love about this brush is that it's so lightweight. The handle is also comfortable enough to hold for a long time. Being lightweight makes it an excellent tool for vacations with your dog.

To tell you the truth, your dog will enjoy grooming sessions more with Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush.

How to Use

Using it is a bit different than other products on the market. To get the best result brush your dog during a bath. It helps to get ahold of the knots, leaves, and dirt. The best thing is that your dog would stay calm. Although the brush is suited for regular use too!

It’s a large brush. Take the time to properly introduce this kit to your Australian Sheppard and then follow it up.

  • Quite comfortable handles, providing a better grip.
  • Bristles are highly durable and effective.
  • Easy to clean up, no tangled situation.
  • Lightweight brush, your dog won’t even feel a thing.
  • The size is intimidating at first but after a few times, it'll be ok.

3. 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko

Another great tool by Hertzko. If you want a brush that can do it all, then this your best bet. 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko is not a regular brush for Australian Shepherds. It will fulfill all your needs giving your dog the perfect flawless coat he deserves.

This brush is just spot on effective, precise and highly durable. A traditional tool used by most of the professionals, 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko can absolutely help your Australian Shepherd stay top notch.

Key Features

Scratch Free Rounded Ends

The comb comes with rounded ends which makes it fully scratch free. Typically, most of the products on the market don't promote an anti-scratch build and sharp ends could hurt your beloved pet if you’re not too careful.

But with this, your dog won't ever get hurt. It's just what your dog needs.

Anti-Slip Handle

Sometimes when removing tangles, brushes slip out of the hand. The handle of this brush has a rubber coating that makes it anti-slip. Meaning that this comb won't slip away from your hands anytime soon.

Suitable For Any Hair Type

Short, long or straight, wavy, this brush is effective on any type of hair. It can go deeper into the roots and get all the dirt and leaves from it.

Lightweight Build

It’s extremely light. That’s why it can be a great choice during the shedding season as you have to use it on a daily basis.

Reaches Difficult Places

Reaching difficult places such as behind the ears or under the neck is quite stress-free with 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko. Rounded teeth help in reaching these places without hurting your dog.

How to Use

All you'll need is to hold down your dog and then start combing the coat with this brush. The brush works better if your dog has long hair. You can also use it as a trimming tool.

  • Removing any mats or knots is much easier.
  • Teeth are rounded providing extra comfort always.
  • The handle is comfortable to grip and use.
  • Perfect size.
  • Best to avoid if you've trimmed the coat too short.

4. Happydogz Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs

Happydogz Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs is yet another great brush for your Australian Shepherd. It's loaded with exciting features and is entirely a comfortable brush to deal with. One of the best features of this wonderful product is that it's best for sensitive skin types.

Key Features

Suited For All Hair Types

The brush offers compatibility with any type of hairs. So, you won’t have to worry about their combinational coat type.

Soft Bristles

Being fully comfortable with your dog the bristles are really soft although they are tough enough to get ahold of the deepest dirt.

Economic Design:

The design adds more flexibility to your grooming sessions. I personally love this design as it happens to remove any kind of knots, mats or tangles. This build is highly suited to use for shedding seasons.

Perfect For Sensitive Skin

If your Australian Shepherd has a sensitive skin and needs a more gentle care then you can trust this tool with your eyes closed. Your beloved pet would have the flawless care he deserves.

Free Grooming eBook

The best part about this product is that it offers a free grooming eBook. So, if you are just a beginner, you can use this book to know just how you can aid in any grooming needs of your Aussie.

How to Use

It's tremendously easy to use. Just like other products first, place your hands on your dog and then run this brush through the hair gently.

  • A really lightweight brush.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Easy to use.
  • The handles aren't as durable as it claims.
  • The bristles can worn out over time.

5. GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs

Add a great product to your grooming kit with GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs. It's a tool that'll surely add more flexibility to your kit. Definitely worth the try if you want to have a more pliant bristle type.

​Many professionals use this as their personal favorite brush so why won’t you?

​Key Features

Two Types of Bristles

One of the most useful features of all. GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs offers a two-sided brush having a different type of bristle on each side. With a lower and higher density, you can use this for any purpose.

Various Usage

Want to use it as a de-matter? You certainly can. How about de-shedding? You can use it for that too! It's a multipurpose brush coming at a reasonable price. A splendid addition to your grooming kit.

Comfortable Handles

GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs provides a unique handle with a silicone gel grip. This unique grip will considerably benefit you as it's fully anti-slip.

​How to Use

Firstly start off by holding down your dog gently. With another hand, run down this brush over the coat. Always brush in the direction where the hair lays down, not the other way around.

  • Gets rid of any kind of tangles.
  • Has a different teeth type for every occasion.
  • Anti-grip and comfortable handle.
  • The handle isn't much durable.
  • Bristles are a bit dull.

The Best Pick

I know going for the best brush for Australian Shepherds is really a hard decision. To help you out with your decision, I've picked the best one from this awesome list.

Although all of the brushes have wonderful and effective features to be the best but 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko surely shines in all the categories. Other products like Happydogz Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs and GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs doesn’t offer a higher durability.

And, Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush seems to lack the proper size for being a great brush. If you have a sensitive dog then FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs would not be best for him either.

Only 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko offers the most features such as:

  • A great size.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Suited for any hair type.
  • Comfortable and durable handle.
  • Greater quality build.

Give it a try! I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Best Shampoo for Husky: Get the Best Care for Your Husky

Do you own a husky? If the answer's yes, then you must know how this awesome breed likes to maintain their hygiene. Although you'll not be giving them a bath every day but when you do make sure to use the best shampoo for husky for providing the fullest comfort.

Choosing the best shampoo is not easy as it sounds. Nowadays the market is full of chemicals and toxic products that can potentially harm your furry friend. That's why you need to make sure that you're choosing a product that's completely harmless and healthy for your husky.

So, how are you supposed to know what things to consider before buying? Let’s take a quick look at them.

How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Husky?

I’m sure you don’t give your beloved Siberian husky a bath every day. When you do just make sure that the shampoo has the following features. These features will make it more relaxing and make your husky healthier.

  • Natural Ingredients: First thing you need to consider is the ingredients. Always look for natural based products as they provide the best comfort. Avoid any kind of toxic chemical products that can potentially harm your furry pet. Huskies have long coats that need to be maintained properly. Harmful chemicals can easily damage the nature of the coat leaving it dry and dull.
  • Moisturizes the Skin: The best shampoo for husky will surely moisturize the skin and help it heal from any skin problems.
  • Has a Long Lasting Fragrance: Go for a shampoo that gives longer-lasting fragrance. Not only it will get rid of any bad odors but it will also leave you husky with a clean and fresh look.
  • Washes off easily: Bathing a dog is tough. That's why a shampoo that rinses off quickly will help you give your dog a bath without any extra hassles. It will also be more comfortable for your dog if you don't have to spend extra time on rinsing off thoroughly.

When Should You Bathe Your Husky?

Usually, dogs get dirty pretty often. They tend to play and explore a lot which makes them muddy and stinky. Huskies seem to be a bit protective of their hygiene. They normally can't stand being dirty, so you have to wash them to maintain their good looks.

But don’t overdo it. Washing your husky too frequently can lead to serious problems like dry coats or skin irritation. Using shampoos too much can make it worse too!

Just use the necessary amount and it should be fine. Using warm water can help you ensure that your fluffy husky stays that way.

Using Human Shampoo to Clean Your Husky

Most of the pet owners make this grave mistake of washing their pet with human shampoo. Human shampoos consist of high-density chemical ingredients which will make the coat dry and can cause serious health hazards in the long run.

Dogs skin are more sensitive than ours, they can’t withstand all those chemical ingredients like we do. They always have to maintain the proper pH level.

Dog's skin is more alkaline than acidic. So, if you use a product made for the later type you will see a serious change in their pH level. This can cause excessive shedding, redness, and skin damaging, making your dog vulnerable to viruses.

Human shampoos may be cheaper but you should never use them if you want the best for your husky. That’s why you should always choose the best shampoo for husky no matter what the cost.

Do You Have to Brush Your Husky Before a Bath?

Of course! It goes without saying. Brushing your dog especially huskies are absolutely necessary before a bath. Huskies are known for their excessive shedding. So, if you don't brush and get rid of the excess fur beforehand, you'll end up with a clogged drain.

Moreover, it’ll be much more difficult to rinse it thoroughly and wash properly. Just take an appropriate brush and gently brush off the hair and you should be fine. Get a vacuum for pet hairs to keep your home clean if your dog has excessive shedding.

Continue reading

Top 5 Best Smelling Dog Shampoo Reviews

On the market today, there are available hundreds of brands of dog shampoo products tailored to meet the unique skin conditions and the needs of your pet, taking into consideration the coat care, as well as preserving their natural oils and avoiding sporadic need for something that is heavy duty and allergies. 

For instance, best smelling dog shampoo products can add vitamins and nutrients to keep your dog healthy, cleanse your pet’s coat of insects and germs, and many more.

How to choose a dog shampoo

It is not one size fits all when it comes to choose your dog shampoo. A poor choice can cause more harm than good. A wise choice can help your dog achieve a shiny, bright coat after bath time. In order to select the best shampoo for your dog, you need to take into consideration several factors:

Skin condition

According to the specialized site Cesar’s Way, if your dog has flaky, itchy, or dry skin, you need to choose a moisturizing dog shampoo. It is also recommended to avoid scented shampoos that often come with chemicals irritating the skin, according to Dogs Naturally Magazine. Choose instead shampoos that are made with natural ingredients, such as vitamin E, honey and oatmeal.

Fleas and ticks

There are many good flea and tick dog shampoos on the market. However, you need to be aware of the fact that flea and tick shampoo can only provide some short-term protection. Besides using this type of shampoo, you need to also take some other measures for flea and tick prevention.


In case that you have a puppy, you need a shampoo specifically designed for younger dogs. These shampoos are typically made with a no-tear formula, being gentler not irritating if it gets in the eyes.

Best Dog Food For Beagles


Some particularly adventurous dogs may often get dirty and stinky. For them, it is recommended to use a deodorizing shampoo. These best smelling dog shampoo products are powerful types of shampoo that are designed to eliminate unpleasant odors.


Failing health and poor diet can make your pet’s coat lusterless and dull. Its healthy shine can be restored with a nourishing shampoo formula containing proteins, vitamins and minerals.


Dogs that have a light-colored or white coat can benefit of specialty shampoos with added brighteners and whiteners. These specialty shampoos are designed to boost luster while they prevent fading and yellowing.


If your pet’s coat is easily tangled or dry, they may need a shampoo-conditioner designed to restore maintainability and moisture. These products are useful for particularly stubborn tangles and frizzy locks.

What Happens to a Dog Who Eats Table Scraps?


When your dog does not like water or when you and your dog are on the go, it might be more convenient to use a waterless shampoo and wipes.

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Ingredients to avoid in a dog shampoo

It could be a temptation to use human shampoo and conditioner rather than to use pet products to bathe your pet; however, it is not truly a good idea. Even though there might be some occasion that they may not do much harm, the frequent use can be harmful to them.

Thus, never use on your dog shampoos that are designed for humans. Human shampoos are designed to remove the natural wax and oils on our hair and our skin is less sensitive than a dog’s. Human shampoos can cause rashes and will leave your dog’s coat brittle and dull.

There is a wide range of appropriate dog shampoo products on the market. However, some dog shampoos contain ingredients that can harm and irritate your pet’s skin. You need to examine the listed ingredients when shopping for a shampoo. It is recommended to avoid dyes and artificial fragrances that can irritate your pet’s skin and eyes. Choose dog shampoos with natural fragrances like citrus, eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile.

Best dog shampoos for various conditions

It is important to know what ingredients are recommended in a dog shampoo. A general rule is to choose shampoos with natural ingredients like herbal proteins, aloe vera, oatmeal, citrus extracts, and vitamins.

Shampoos for dogs with itchy skin or skin allergies

Your dog’s skin can become flaky, dry and itchy due to skin allergies. A dull coat and an itchy skin can benefit from using a gentle shampoo designed to shoot the skin as well as to remove dirt and allergens from your dog. Such a product can restore moisture to the coat and skin.

Shampoos for dogs that have sensitive skin

If your dog’s skin is sensitive, you need to use a gentle shampoo that is able to soothe the coat and skin. For instance, a shampoo that contains oatmeal can offer relief from itching.

Soothing and moisturizing dog shampoos

Many dogs are sensitive to strong fragrances and detergents. Soap free shampoos and products formulated with tea tree oil can cleanse, soothe, and control sensitive skin’s itching.

Medicated dog shampoos

Fungal and bacterial overgrowths can affect your dog's skin. A medicated shampoo provides some antibacterial and antifungal properties, being able to remove bacteria and fungus from your dog's skin. This will fight odors and helps reduce itching and skin irritation.

Shampoos to control ticks and fleas

If your dog has a tick or flea infestation, a cost effective way to fight these parasites is using a flea and tick shampoo.

Shampoo to control shedding

Reducing dog’s shedding and removing dander and loose fur requires regular shampooing. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a dog shampoo formulated with healthy oils, antioxidants and amino acids.

Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Smelling Dog Shampoo

Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin

This oatmeal dog shampoo product is specialized in shine, calming and soothing, being made with ingredients that meet these three important criteria. This skin-sensitive shampoo contains oatmeal that helps protect your dog’s coat. Due to the Argan oil, you will notice immediately the shine after your dog is all dry and rinsed off.

The moisture will be sealed in your dog’s coat, thanks to the aloe vera extract. While being gentle to your dog’s skin, this shampoo will stimulate the hair follicle to grow.

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo


  • It is a calming, shine and soothing product.
  • This dog shampoo formula is safer and less irritated for the eyes because it comes in a neutral 6-7.5 pH range.
  • During bath time your dog will be calm and restored sue to the rosemary and chamomile in this shampoo formula.
  • This shampoo formula contains other natural ingredients such as almond butter, olive oil, purified water, shea butter, a coconut-based cleanser, and mango fragrance.
  • The shampoo has a pleasant, mild scent that is safe for both dogs and humans.
  • This shampoo can dramatically improve skin irritations.
  • This formula has been proven to regenerate fur growth in dogs with Alopecia (balding).
  • The shampoo minimizes the regular dog smell without being too “perfumy”.


  • Some customers have complained that this shampoo’s after bath scent is not strong enough.

4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

Aloe vera and lemongrass make a great combination, as aloe is a soothing moisturizer and lemongrass has an all-natural smell that keeps fleas and insects away. After the wash, the scent can last for days.

This shampoo contains holistic hypo-allergenic oils that will not strip away your dog’s natural oils. This is an all natural organic solution certified by USDA. It not contains anything artificial or synthetic such as sulfates or parabens.

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo


  • The rosemary in this dog shampoo formula is an antioxidant that also improves circulation and provides vitamin B, iron, and calcium.
  • The shampoo makes great foam, yet it rinses fast.
  • The 4-Legger shampoo fights annoying tangles, leaving your dog with smooth, soft hair.
  • The bottle comes with a convenient lid spout designed to prevent accidentally spilling.
  • Your dog will get a good wash with just a small amount.
  • Using 4-Legger dog shampoo can improve inflammation symptoms.
  • Ingredients in this shampoo formula such as lavender oils, jojoba, olive and coconut are beneficial for dog’s skin.
  • Rosemary extract, organic oatmeal glycerin, aloe vera and lemongrass ingredients make a perfect combination for a dog shampoo.


  • Some customers complain that during the rinse their dog’s fur feels dry to the touch.

Lovely Fresh - Premium Natural Dog Shampoo 3-in-1

This premium dog shampoo made by Lovely Fresh includes in its formula the finest ingredients extracted from neem and oatmeal. The formula provides a moisturizing and soothing effect as well as removes common bacteria and germs and sanitizes the skin. The shampoo does not irritate the dog’s skin. It helps maintain it clean and healthy and also protects the fur.

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo


  • This is a premium dog shampoo of high quality.
  • It is formulated to maintain your dog’s skin healthy and beautiful.
  • It adds shine and strength, and it removes bacteria.
  • It nourishes your pet’s coat, promoting great appearance and wellness.
  • It is recommended by veterinaries.
  • After taking a bath, it leaves a lasting fresh smell.
  • It contains natural ingredients such as vitamins, neem oil and oatmeal that moisturize, soothe and desensitize irritated skin.
  • It relieves painful irritation caused by insect bites.
  • Its formula does not contain detergent, soap, or alcohol.
  • It comes with conditioner inside and it is easy to foam and rinse.
  • The pure neem oil is an insect repellant.
  • It is efficient for both long- and short-haired dogs.


  • Being a premium dog shampoo of the highest quality, it is also coming with a premium price.

Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

This dog shampoo product is designed to eliminate flaking and dandruff. It also provides a healthy glow by stimulating dog skin and cleansing. The shampoo formula contains a soothing mix of natural ingredients and salicylic acid.

Among its key natural ingredients included are vitamin B5, tea tree oil and colloidal oatmeal. This dog shampoo helps moisturizing itchy skin, tightens and clears dog pores, and calms irritated skin.

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo


  • It cleanses and stimulates dog skin, eliminates flaking and dandruff for a healthy glow.
  • It moisturizes itchy skin, helps to tighten and clear dog pores, and calms irritated skin.
  • It uses soothing mix of natural ingredients and salicylic acid.
  • It is safe to use for puppies and older dogs.
  • It would not affect topical tick and flea control products.
  • It is especially suitable for smelly, yeasty dog with health issues.
  • It works very gently on your dog.
  • It has good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects.
  • It is insect repellent.
  • It is based on a concentrated formula that makes it last for long.


  • Being a medicated shampoo product, it is suitable only for dogs with certain medical conditions and issues.

MinkSheen Pet Shampoo 64 oz

This dog shampoo by MinkSheen is based on an all natural formula. It is designed as a combination of shampoo and conditioner that has insect repellent and antibacterial effects. It comes in a concentrated formula packed in a 64 oz. bottle. The dog shampoo works very gently, making the first choice for breeders, groomers and pet owners around the world.

Best Smelling Dog Shampoo


  • This dog shampoo also includes a conditioner.
  • It has a concentrated formula.
  • It works in a very gentle way.
  • It makes the first dog shampoo choice for groomers, pet owners and breeders from around the world.
  • It is like getting four products in one: a natural insect repellant, anti-bacterial formula, coat conditioner, and gentle shampoo.
  • It is able to gently clean your dog without leaving its skin irritated or dry.
  • The shampoo leaves a shiny, soft quality coat, thanks to the mink oil.
  • Hot spots are prevented and soothed by the vitamin E.
  • While leaving your dog smelling great, the citronella and cedar oils are naturally insect repellents.
  • The shampoo comes with the added benefit of an anti-bacterial product, protecting your dog and you from the spread of harmful bacteria and germs.
  • This dog shampoo formula also contains a coat conditioner.


  • It is a bit expensive.


The clear winner of our roundup is the Premium Natural Dog Shampoo 3-in-1 by Lovely Fresh. This high-quality premium dog shampoo helps maintain your dog’s skin clean without having an irritating effect. Its all natural formula is based on the finest ingredients extracted from neem and oatmeal.

The shampoo has a soothing and moisturizing effect, while removing common germs and bacteria. The product has been designed to add shine, maintain your dog’s skin healthy and beautiful and nourish your dog’s coat. Being recommended by veterinarians, this dog shampoo does a great job in promoting wellness and a great appearance.

How Many Nipples Do Male Dogs Have?

Hello fellow dog owner. Have you ever been shaving your male dog and then you accidentally nipped off one of his nipples? Worse still, you are currently washing him and then you mistakenly pull off one of his nipples thinking it is a swollen tick or bug under his hair.

You felt heart broken as you watched him whining in pain whilst his blood was on your fingers. I have experienced the same which led me to ask the question; how many nipples do male dogs have? In this article I researched the facts about male dogs nipples and hopefully you and I will be enlightened on the same.

Why do they have them?

Firstly, it is not a wrong thing to have them. They were naturally created just like the same way male human beings have them. The nipples are actually modified sweat glands that since they male body does not produce the oxytocin hormone which stimulates milk production from the mammary glands they remain in a rudimentary state from birth.

Secondly, they are not decorations. A commenter once said that the nipples in male dogs are only for decorations. They are actually rudimentary modified sweat glands and if decorations on human is the piercings and applicants made on the skins is anything to go by, then male dogs nipples are natural beauty not decorations!

How Many Nipples Do Male Dogs Have

Location Points

I guess the next question is: where are they situated? Many people have had the idea that male dogs nipples are only two and are located on opposite sides of its sheath. Well, male dogs nipples are distributed alongside two parallel lines on the underside of its torso.

The two lines run from the chest to the groin area. Interestingly, I can understand why most dog owners accidentally nipped one of them off. This is because in most dog breeds the nipples near the chest tend to be much smaller than the ones near the groin.

Know your dog Breed

Well, let’s go back to the first question: how many nipples do male dogs have? Let me say this. It all depends on your dog breed. Adrienne Farricelli, a dog trainer, consultant and author on dog’s issues mentioned that the number depends on size and breed.

The smaller breeds may have up to eight while the larger breeds many range from ten to twelve. So don’t be afraid to get your dog for a closer inspection of the bumps he has in his torso. You might have to check his breed features out while you’re counting the nipples!

How Many Nipples Do Male Dogs Have

Do They Have Names?

Surprisingly, the male dog’s nipples have name. They names are given according to the position from the chest downwards to the groin. the nipples are named as follows.

For a ten-nippled dog, its nipples names will include:

  • Two cranial thoracic nipples- nearest to the chest.
  • Two caudal thoracic nipples.
  • Two cranial abdominal nipples.
  • Two caudal abdominal nipples.
  • Two pair of inguinal nipples- nearest to the sheath. Usually the largest.

Do They Matter Anyway?

Now that you have nipped one off, do the nipples have any specific importance in the body of the male dog? Well, just like the nipples in men are sensitive male dog’s nipples are sensitive too! Well, of course not for sexual excitement as most may think but they can be very good indicators of anything sinister in the body of the dog such as illness.

Indicative Signs

Usually the nipples are the first sites that are prone to infections. This is mostly due to the fact that dogs love playing in the open ground and licking them repeatedly, Swelling of the nipples could an indication of testicular cancer mostly found in dogs which have not been neutered.

As most veterinary doctors will point out German Shepherds are prone to this and the swelling could be a symptom of other effects that have been caused by the testicular cancer like anaemia, hair loss and abdominal swelling.

Secretion from a male dog’s nipples is also another indicative sign of illness. It could be as result of abscess or bacterial infection as a result of a puncture to the nipple. Common pre-signs hotness and pain around the affected area.

Change of color should not be a warning sign in male dog’s nipples. Most male dogs have their nipples being pink at young age and they consequently change to black or dark brown as they age. However, change in color in female dogs nipples with pain and secretions from pink to yellow or fuzzy red should be an indication of mastitis disease which is a bacterial infection that has to be attended to by a vet.

Important Products 

For most of the infections found on dog’s nipples, it is advisable to consult a vet first before administering any form of over-the-counter medicine. Usually for bacterial infections like mastitis the veterinary will use a combination of different antibiotics to cure the disease. In cases of cancer, chemotherapy will be administered depending on the progress of the cancer.

However for wounds caused by injuries or accidental snipping of the nipples there are various products that can be bought locally and appied to hasten the healing. One such a product is the Buck Mountain Wound Wash for Animals 8 Oz Liquid which not only cleans the wounds but also disinfects. . Another similar product that can be used is Sarcoptic Mange Medicine - 8 oz.

How Many Nipples Do Male Dogs Have


So don’t be shocked that you have snipped off that nipple accidentally. Now you know the importance of the nipples. On average a male dog will have eight to ten nipples depending on the breed and size. The are mainly rudimentary sweat glands that are present but can be very good indicators if your furry best friend is sick.

So next time you give him one of those wet baths or hair trims be careful to inspect his nipples and make sure you do not cut them. In case you notice anything amiss take the following steps:

1. Inspect the number of nipples the dog has.

2. Check if there is any swelling or injury.

3. Check if there is any secretion from the nipples. Are they unusually warm with changed color?

4. Does he whine in pain when you touch them?

5. Perform some cleaning to the affected nipples using some ethanol and Buck mountain wound wash.

6. Rush him to the nearest veterinary clinic for further medical attention.

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Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys? The Top 4 Reasons

Squeaky toys are a favorite gift item to many dogs but have you ever wondered why your dog tends to like squeaky toys too much? What is unique about these toys that capture the attention of your dog completely making your dog chew, fight or fling with the toy for lengthy periods?

Sometimes your dog may not be willing to leave the squeaky toy at all. Well, may be only dogs know about the secret but research can help us unearth the secret behind the squeaky toys. So, why do dogs like squeaky toys? We try to provide you with the most comprehensive answer to this question. Read on to find out.

1. Your dog is attracted to the sound of prey

Scientific research point to the fact dogs are closely related to wolves. In fact, they belong to the same family. Scientists say that wolves are either evolutionary parents or siblings of dogs.The bottom line is that your dog is closely related to the wolves roaming in somewhere in Alaska or Sweden.

Although your lovely puppy may look nothing like it, it exhibits motivations, behaviors, and manners that are closely related to those of the wolves. Naturally, wolves are predators. You may watch them in movies eating a few berries or scavenging from dead carcasses, but they mostly kill to get their food.

In most cases, the animals that wolves hunt and kill produce squealing and squeaking sounds. Whenever a wolf hears the squeaking sounds, it knows that the prey is not yet ready for feasting on.

why do dogs like squeaky toys

Your dog remains an instinctive hunter despite your effort of serving it with food in a bowl or can. The squeaky sound gets your dog revved up because it mimics the typical sound of a small prey.Under natural conditions, such sounds tend to attract dogs and trigger their prey drive.

The dogs usually respond to the sound by twitching their ears and using their noses to find the exact location of the prey. The dog will stalk, dig up, pounce on or chase the prey.

Dogs love playing with the squeaky toys because they create in them the wild instinct to catch and kill prey. This is why;some dogs won't be satisfied until the time the toy is destroyed.

2. Squeaky toys are entertaining

Your dog simply finds it more entertaining whenever they play with the squeaky toy. It is more of the cause-and-effect relationship that the dogs have with the toy which results in maximum enjoyment. Squeaky toys aren’t like the most chew toys that won’t respond to your dog’s chewing or thrashing.

The chew toys aren't engaging, and your dog doesn't find it enjoyable when the toy is just lying there. Although tennis balls may provide some push back effect, your dog will prefer a squeaky toy since it reacts to the dog’s chewing.

The toy produces the funny sound whenever the dog bites it down or when it releases some pressure. The sounds tend to stimulate your dog "mentally." It is like the toy, and the dog are engaged in an interesting conversation.

Your dog is more like your toddler who feels fascinated by simple toys that tend to respond to his/her reaction. Your dog is attracted to the feedback mechanism of the toy which triggers emotions.It is the way human beings tend to get hooked on engaging games which provide rewarding and stimulating sounds such as candy crush.

why do dogs like squeaky toys

3. Squeaky Toys make good training devices for your dog

Apart from serving as wonderful chew-toys,dogs find squeaky toys as great tools for training. That is why the dog will always try to find out where you have hidden the toy whenever it feels like training itself. The Squeaky toys are not different from the tennis ball and other stuffed material that you use to train the dog.

In fact, your dog will prefer the squeaky toy because it arouses its inner instincts. The squeaky toys provide a powerful audio reinforcement, which your dog finds to be more entertaining. During training, nothing excites your dog more than a squeaky toy that is appropriate in size.

​One thing that you should always consider when selecting a squeaky toy for your dog is its safety. Always check out the manufacturer's specifications before purchasing the toy. A good squeaky toy needs to be durable enough to endure the vigorous training activities.

​4. Your dog is probably a descendant of the dog species that were selected to hunt vermin

​Not all dogs respond to squeaky sounds in the same way. While others love the sounds, other dogs don't like the squeaky sounds produced by the toy. It all depends on the species of your dog.

​Squeaks are more appealing to a variety of dogs that descended from a select group of their ancestors who were chosen to hunt vermin. A good example here is the Terriers. This variety of dogs is usually attracted to toys that resemble squeaks or mice because they represent a selective breed of dogs that were selected to hunt and kill mice and other small prey.

​Another variety of dogs such retrievers may find plush toy ducks that make quacking noises to be more attractive. One thing you should know is that, although all dogs have some innate instinct of hunting, not all dogs get hyped when they hear the squeaking sound from the squeaky toys.

why do dogs like squeaky toys


​One of the most interesting things that you probably enjoy is seeing your dog go nuts on a squeaky toy. It is one of the pleasures of your dog. Be observant when the dog is playing with the squeaky toy when it starts being obsessed with"killing" it or tearing it apart; take the toy away from the dog.

​Make sure that your dog doesn't swallow the toy; it isn't usual since it can easily land it on a vet's operating table. Fortunately, dogs don't go to that extent because to them, chewing the toy is just a way of having fun. Always keep safety in mind while purchasing a Squeaky toy for your dog.

​Get the right size with the right specifications. Always remember that the safety of your dog comes first.